Yellowstone's Kelly Reilly Loves That Fans 'Were Confused' By The Characters

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Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly shares that she loves that fans are confused by the characters in an extra on the Season 2 DVD and Blu-ray three-disc set for the drama. Out now, there is no shortage of extras for fans of the hit Western to look through. There are deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes featurettes, along with every Behind the Story.

So, if you are in need of clues for certain plot points, you will want to see all of those. In another DVD/Blu-ray extra, “Only Devils Left – Making Yellowstone: Season 2,” Kelly Reilly touches on fans’ reactions to Yellowstone’s characters. Reilly plays John Dutton’s only daughter, the one-of-a-kind Beth, on the drama. Reflecting on Yellowstone viewers’ response to the characters, Reilly says:

What I love the most is people talking about the show and the characters. There was a participation and an interest and a leaning in to these characters that was really exciting. It felt like they had invested in them and were confused by them, and annoyed by them, and in love with them at the same time, and that is great drama.

I would totally say that was my feeling about them, as well! Part of the appeal? Fan reaction has been huge for the drama. Coming off of a strong debut in the ratings during its series premiere, Yellowstone continued its hit status in Season 2. It is now on DVD and Blu-Ray, where you will find Kelly Reilly and her co-stars opening up about the Western.

Kelly Reilly’s TV dad, Kevin Costner, also talks about Yellowstone and its allure to fans during “Costner on Yellowstone Season 2.” Reilly and Costner’s comments are just a few of the intriguing tidbits you will find nestled on the three-disc DVD, and Blu-Ray set. There is a lot for them to dish about, considering how explosive Season 2 was.

After a well-received freshman run, Yellowstone’s cast gets chatty about making Season 2 in the DVD and Blu-Ray extras. Kelly Reilly was clearly affected by viewers’ response to the series and the edgy characters that exist within its confines. Reilly’s Beth was among those to conjure strong viewer reaction.

Beth’s feud with her brother has only continued to escalate, and there is a promise of more in-depth exploration to come on that subject! It is just one of the things to look forward to as Yellowstone fans look back at an incredible second season with the DVD/Blu-ray release. Season 2 blew the doors off personal expectations. Sophomore bump all the way!

Going off of what Kelly Reilly expressed on the DVD/Blu-ray extras for Season 2, it is Yellowstone’s willingness to let its characters be excitingly confusing that gives them such depth. They dare to confound, and in doing so, push the limits of any other fiction living on TV, in my opinion. Reilly’s Beth is one key example of a character that fits into zero boxes.

What Yellowstone has been doing clearly resonates with people, and it should keep doing so. Kelly Reilly’s co-star Cole Hauser believes Yellowstone can get even more popular in the future, and I think he is right!

Yellowstone Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray three-disc set is now available! A premiere date for Yellowstone Season 3 has not been set yet on Paramount Network. While waiting for Kelly Reilly to return to TV as Beth Dutton, you can check out this fall’s premieres

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