Amazon's The Boys Star Says Season 2 Will Get 'Wilder' And 'Deeper' Than Season 1

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The Boys surprised a lot of fans over the summer when the twisted superhero tale hit Amazon. Instead of focusing on a group of fine, upstanding, superpowered citizens who just want to do the right thing and help people out, we were met with a world filled with heroes who were mostly, psychotic, depressed, drug-addicted, money / power hungry and, well, pretty much every other terrible thing you can imagine. But, this is likely exactly why audiences took to the freshman series the way they did, along with a host of wild moments which stick with you for long afterwards.

Amazon renewed The Boys for Season 2, seeing as how they know a good thing when they get one, and because they've been filming for a while, we've been getting some teases about what's coming up. As such, Jack Quaid, who plays Hughie, spoke recently about how those behind the show have upped their game for the new season.

Yes, you should expect wilder events. This season, we've more than topped ourselves.

Well, talk about teases, right? If you've seen Season 1 of The Boys (and you really should if you haven't already), you'll know that it gets pretty damn wild. Not to spoil anything for those of you that haven't watched (since this did show up in the first trailer), but the whole reason that Hughie gets involved with the titular Boys and tries to take down the superhero team at the center of the show is that one of them ran through his girlfriend and killed her. And, The Boys showed all of it to horrifying effect, so just how much wilder can this show get?

I'm tempted to run down a list of scenarios that I would have B.T.B. (before The Boys) thought to be a serious no-go when it came to superhero television shows, but, wouldn't you know it, The Boys has already blown through all of them. I mean, I'd need to go to some very dark places to come up with anything crazier than what we saw in Season 1, and I'm just not ready to sacrifice my mental health in that way, so I'll sit back and let the show feed it to me in a few months.

In case you were thinking that Season 2 of The Boys is simply going to be a bloodier affair with even more not-safe-for-network sexytimes than previously, you can rest assured that the cast and crew have deepened the character aspects, as well. Here's what Jack Quaid told TV Insider:

[Season 2] on the whole is a lot bigger in scale, but we also have gotten way deeper with each character, which I think is important for [a second season], really finding out even more of what makes these characters tick. I think we definitely did that.

See, this is good. If we're going to have to watch The Seven and the all-powerful corporation that controls them, Vought, do so many terrible things to folks who don't deserve it, we might as well be treated to more background on why they do the things they do. This also goes for The Boys, though. We know why Hughie, de facto group leader Billy Butcher and a certain almost supervillain would want to stop them, but why are the others so dedicated to the task?

No official release date has been set for Season 2 of The Boys just yet, but star Karl Urban (who already declared it "fuckin diabolical) has said on social media that we'd see it at some point in mid-2020, so that hopefully means we can expect it next summer. In the meantime, be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for the latest on the show and to see what else you can catch on the small screen until then.

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