The Boys Showrunner Reveals Awesome New Season 2 Cast Member For 'Secret Role'

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The Boys has already announced some new characters and, as a result, a few new cast members for Season 2 of the twisted superhero show, and while there are sure to be plenty of shocking surprises ahead, we now know that yet another new actor is coming to the series, and the choice is really pretty amazing. Funny guy Patton Oswalt will be appearing in The Boys next season, and the role will likely be right up his alley.

Now, as you read that last sentence, you might assume that we have some information on the particulars of the part that Patton Oswalt will be playing in The Boys Season 2, but, sad to say, that's actually not the case right now. The news of Oswalt's involvement in the upcoming set of episodes was broken by series creator / showrunner Eric Kripke via his personal Twitter feed, and you can take a look at everything we know about the reveal below:

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I'm sure you were all hoping that the announcement would give away some tiny morsel of information regarding any detail of Patton Oswalt's part on The Boys in Season 2, but, unless I missed something, he and Eric Kripke did a pretty good job of keeping the post spoiler free. Kripke even went so far as to add #SecretRole to his caption, which at least does seem to confirm that Oswalt has finished filming some, if not all, of his gig on The Boys. And, apparently, we can look forward to an "AMAZING" showing of Oswalt's skills when the new season hits Amazon.

So, with so few details on Patton Oswalt's new part on The Boys, why did I mention that it will probably be a good fit? Well, Oswalt, while known mostly as a comedian and comedic actor, has spent a large portion of his career lending his talents to fantasy, science fiction and comic book related properties, and The Boys, of course, is the latter.

Patton Oswalt has appeared in or lent his voice to shows such as Caprica, Gravity Falls, Rick & Morty, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Santa Clarita Diet, Justice League Action, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return, Happy! and Big Hero 6: The Series. Meanwhile, Oswalt has displayed his acting chops in non-genre roles in properties like The King of Queens, Ratatouille, Big Fan, Reno 911!, Community, Burn Notice, Two and a Half Men, Justified and, most recently, A.P. Bio and Veronica Mars.

So, now comes the big question: just who might Patton Oswalt be playing in Season 2? He's certainly got the talent to pull off any number of characters, and the possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to the world that The Boys has created. The series focuses on a team of superheroes, The Seven, who are controlled by massive corporation, Vought, and The Boys who come together to try to take down the corrupt group after getting an inside line on too many of their dirty dealings.

The end of Season 1 saw The Seven's primary handler murdered by Homelander (the group's leader) and The Boys go on the run, with things at a none-too-surprising level of bloody upheaval. And, while there are plenty of people Patton Oswalt could be playing, he'll clearly be an asset no matter who he ends up bringing to the show.

The Boys had a breakout first season on Amazon, and is currently filming Season 2, which has already been said to include cast additions from two Timeless vets and a new female superhero by the name of Stormfront. Teases we've gotten so far of the new season promise it will be just as unapologetically shocking, gory and filled with twists as all of the awesomeness we saw in the first season, so I'm sure Patton Oswalt will be a great addition to the penis bulging madness.

There's no release date set for Season 2 of The Boys, but be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated! In the meantime, you can stay knowledgeable about everything else coming to the small screen in the next few weeks by checking out our 2019 fall TV premiere guide!

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