How Lord Of The Rings' Season 2 Renewal At Amazon Will Help The Show Be More Like The Films

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(Image credit: New Line Productions)
(Image credit: New Line Productions)

Fans hoping that Amazon's Lord of the Rings would be more like the movies might be in luck. The recent early Season 2 renewal would be a big help on that front. Currently in pre-production for its first season, Lord of the Rings is now set to go into an extended hiatus after the first two episodes are filmed. This hiatus will give the chance for the upcoming Amazon series to operate more like the movie franchise. Let's dig into that a little deeper.

How Long Will The Lord Of The Rings Hiatus Last?

The aforementioned Lord of the Rings hiatus will last from four to five months once the first two episodes have completed filming, with director J.A. Bayona behind the camera. During that time, the Lord of the Rings series’ writing team will begin working on the scripts for Season 2.

This is where things get really interesting. Deadline reports that the scripts could be ready to film while Season 1’s shoot is being finished. There is also a reported possibility that Season 1 and 2 could end up shooting back-to-back. Or at the very least, that some Season 2 sequences would be filmed during the Season 1 production.

How Does This Connect The Lord Of The Rings TV Show To The Film Franchise?

Well, aside from it being the same world, that same method was used by Lord of the Rings helmer, Peter Jackson, when making the movies. A four- or five-month hiatus would allow for a shorter break between the end of Season 1 and the start of Season 2 on Amazon. It's also a cost-effective approach that joins yet another bridge between the show and the films.

In another connection between the Lord of the Rings movie and TV show, both will be shot in New Zealand. Let your expectations continue to build! There is a lot to be excited about and nervous about when it comes to the highly-anticipated prequel series. Based on everything known so far, fans have every reason to get pumped.

Back in September, Lord of the Rings cast one of its lead actors in Will Poulter. The Black Mirror: Bandersnatch star will take on the role of Beldor. Afterward, the show cast Game of Thrones vet, Joseph Mawle, as the villainous character, Oren. For reference, Mawle played Ned Stark’s brother Benjen on the HBO series, making him the Stark siblings’ uncle.

Joining Will Poulter and Joseph Mawle will be Markella Kavenagh as Tyra. Fans wondering if they can hold out on the wait to see the actors in action can take heart. They do not have the seemingly standard streaming episode count of 10-13 episodes to look forward to. Lord of the Rings Season 1 will be upping the ante for a debut season comprised of 20 episodes!

There will be a lot for fans of the movie and Game of Thrones, for that matter, to look forward to when the Lord of the Rings TV show makes its debut. Between filming in the same place like the movies and some hairy casting calls, Lord of the Rings will be keeping the franchise alive, hopefully in a way that will appeal to fans of J.R.R. Tolkien's works and Peter Jackson's film franchise.

A timeline has been announced for the prequel series, and intense security measures are in place to protect the show. It is going to be interesting to see what Amazon conjures with its Lord of the Rings TV show. Behind-the-scenes, any gap between the movies and the TV show just got a bit shorter.

A precise premiere date for the Lord of the Rings TV show has not gotten set yet by Amazon. Thankfully, there is a lot of fall premieres to enjoy before you head to Middle-earth.

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