Lord Of The Rings Has Cast One Of Its Lead Roles With A Great Actor

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Lord of the Rings has cast one of its lead roles with a great actor. Amazon’s highly-anticipated television series just took a huge leap forward. It has added a frequent silver screen presence, familiar to fans of a particular anthology series, to take on a main role. Who is it? Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’s Will Poulter will star as one of the Lord of the Rings series’ leads.

According to Variety, nothing beyond that is reportedly known, as Will Poulter’s character remains a much-guarded secret. Those carefully following the development of Lord of the Rings are probably familiar with the intense security surrounding the show.

For those anxiously awaiting an update on the Lord of the Rings series’ progress, Will Poulter’s casting is a pretty significant one. The show has taken great strides forward in the past, so this is the latest in what should continue to be a long line of upcoming news.

The reportedly huge episode count for Season 1 means that fans could see a lot of Will Poulter. For those who need a Poulter refresher, the actor has not only starred in the standalone installment of Black Mirror, but was also a part of the cast in this summer’s much-discussed horror flick, Midsommar as well as the Maze Runner series and We're the Millers.

In a note of compelling trivia, Will Poulter was initially cast as Pennywise in the IT remake. The director later explained why Poulter dropped out. On that note, will Poulter be playing a hero or a villain in the Lord of the Rings?

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Fans will apparently have time to speculate. There is a lot that is known about the upcoming series. However, not even the nature of Will Poulter’s Lord of the Rings role is currently one of those things.

Will Poulter will be one of the show’s leads, so anticipate more to join him. The Lord of the Rings series sounds ready to be an ensemble effort. Thankfully, it has a consultant that is highly familiar with that concept. Not a lot is known about the show's plot, but the timeline that it will take place in is known.

According to that timeline, Sauron should be a part of the show. Is that the role that Will Poulter has signed on to play? Time will tell if it is him or someone else who takes on the major Lord of the Rings character.

There is a lot to be excited and nervous about when it comes to the Lord of the Rings television show. It has secured a talented actor to be a part of the cast, so that bodes well. Will Poulter has the ability to portray an impressive array of characters, and it will be interesting to find out who he will play in the series!

A premiere date has not been set for the Lord of the Rings television show yet, so stay tuned. When it does finally make its debut, it will do so on Amazon Prime Video, but to help pass the time waiting, check out this fall’s premieres.

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