Netflix New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Streaming In December 2019

6 Underground Ryan Reynolds yelling about danger to Dave Franco

Streamers and dreamers, we made it! We have now arrived at the last Netflix update of 2019's calendar year. While we'll be back next month to start the 2020 train a'steaming away, we're here to tell you about the final month of newcomers in this streaming giant's queue of loveliness; and there's quite a bit to go around. If you're curious to see what November's lineup brought to the platform, you can read our full rundown elsewhere. And if you want to see the more holiday-centric offerings Netflix has to have, head over to our special holiday feature for further information. Other than that, let's throw some snowballs and see what we hit in the Netflix streaming library in December 2019!

Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery smiling at a casino table

Week of December 1

Dead Kids - NETFLIX FILM – 12/1/19

A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish – 12/1/19

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl – 12/1/19

Austin Powers in Goldmember – 12/1/19

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery – 12/1/19

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me – 12/1/19

Cut Bank – 12/1/19

Eastsiders: Season 4 – 12/1/19

Malcolm X – 12/1/19

Searching for Sugar Man – 12/1/19

Sweet Virginia – 12/1/19

The Tribes of Palos Verdes – 12/1/19

Nightflyers: Season 1 – 12/2/19

Team Kaylie: Part 2 - NETFLIX FAMILY – 12/2/19

Especial de Natal Porta dos Fundos: A Primeira Tentação de Cristo - NETFLIX FILM – 12/3/19

Tiffany Haddish: Black Mitzvah - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/3/19

War on Everyone – 12/3/19

The Last O.G.: Season 2 – 12/4/19

Let's Dance - NETFLIX FILM – 12/4/19

Los Briceño - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/4/19

Magic for Humans: Season 2 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/4/19

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby - NETFLIX FILM – 12/5/19

Apache: La vida de Carlos Tevez - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/5/19

Greenleaf: Season 4 – 12/5/19

Home for Christmas - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/5/19

V Wars - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/5/19

Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/6/19

The Chosen One: Season 2 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/6/19

The Confession Killer - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY – 12/6/19

Fuller House: Season 5 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/6/19

Glow Up - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/6/19

Marriage Story - NETFLIX FILM – 12/6/19

Spirit Riding Free: The Spirit of Christmas - NETFLIX FAMILY – 12/6/19

Teasing Master Takagi-san: Season 2 - NETFLIX ANIME – 12/6/19

Three Days of Christmas - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/6/19

Triad Princess - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/6/19

Virgin River - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/6/19

Outlander season 3 Jamie and Claire stand next to each other in the woods

Week of December 8

From Paris with Love – 12/8/19

A Family Reunion Christmas - NETFLIX FAMILY – 12/9/19

It Comes at Night – 12/9/19

Michelle Wolf: Joke Show - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/10/19

Outlander: Season 3 – 12/10/19

The Sky Is Pink – 12/11/19

Especial de Natal Porta dos Fundos - NETFLIX FILM – 12/12/19

Jack Whitehall: Christmas with my Father - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/12/19

6 Underground - NETFLIX FILM – 12/13/19

The Witcher Henry Cavill scowls while holding a sword upright

Week of December 15

A Family Man – 12/15/19

Dil Dhadakne Do – 12/15/19

Karthik Calling Karthik – 12/15/19

Burlesque – 12/16/19

The Danish Girl – 12/16/19

The Magicians: Season 4 – 12/16/19

Ronny Chieng: Asian Comedian Destroys America! - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/17/19

Don't F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY – 12/18/19

Soundtrack - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/18/19

After The Raid - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY – 12/19/19

Ultraviolet: Season 2 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/19/19

Twice Upon a Time - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/19/19

The Two Popes - NETFLIX FILM – 12/20/19

The Witcher - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/20/19

The Secret Life of Pets 2 a white tiger nuzzles Max, with friends by his side

Week of December 22

Private Practice: Season 1-6 – 12/22/19

Transformers Rescue Bots Academy: Season 1 – 12/23/19


Como caído del cielo - NETFLIX FILM – 12/24/19

Crash Landing on You - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/24/19

John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/24/19

Lost in Space: Season 2 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/24/19

TERRACE HOUSE: TOKYO 2019-2020: Part 2 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/24/19

Sweetheart – 12/25/19

The App - NETFLIX FILM – 12/26/19

Le Bazar de la Charité - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/26/19

Fast & Furious Spy Racers - NETFLIX FAMILY – 12/26/19

You: Season 2 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/26/19

The Gift - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/27/19

Kevin Hart: Don’t F**k This Up - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY – 12/27/19

The Secret Life of Pets 2 – 12/27/19

Hot Gimmick: Girl Meets Boy - NETFLIX FILM – 12/28/19

Tomorrow Never Dies James Bond and Wai Lin held captive in Carver's lair

Week of December 29

Lawless – 12/29/19

Alexa & Katie: Season 3 - NETFLIX FAMILY – 12/30/19

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.: Reawakened - NETFLIX ANIME – 12/30/19

The Degenerates: Season 2 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/31/19

Die Another Day – 12/31/19

GoldenEye – 12/31/19

Heartbreakers – 12/31/19

The Neighbor - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/31/19

Red Dawn – 12/31/19

Tomorrow Never Dies – 12/31/19

The World Is Not Enough – 12/31/19

Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures - NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 12/31/19

You can tell that it's getting to be that special time of year in the movies section over at Netflix, as not only is holiday merriment on the menu, so is blockbuster action and drama fit for awards season. The former craving can be handled by director Michael Bay and star Ryan Reynolds' explosive team-up for their new caper, 6 Underground, an action spectacle that sees Reynolds and a team of secret operatives making the world a safer place through superior firepower, it looks like Bay is back to his old tricks, and the world is right again.

Though should you be in the mood to see some Italian scenery, sans explosions and body count, we can totally recommend the more contemplative film The Two Popes. Starring Anthony Hopkins as Pope Benedict XVI and Jonathan Pryce as his successor, the future Pope Francis, the themes of personal interpretations of life and faith are explored through the casting of these titans of acting. Which is also fitting, as the film will be online closer to the Christmas holiday. Rounding out Netflix's new additions to their movie library in December are all four Pierce Brosnan Bond movies (including Tomorrow Never Dies, which features The Two Popes' Pryce as a baddie), the summer blockbuster sequel The Secret Life of Pets 2, and all three films in the Austin Powers trilogy.

However, if you're ready to binge some new TV content to your heart's desire, December will have quite a bit to offer in that special corner of the Netflix universe. Based on the comic series and anthology novel of the same name by author Jonathan Maberry, V Wars starts its journey as a Netflix original series, and unleashes an epidemic that could lead to the end of humanity, and the rise of the vampires. Meanwhile, if you're looking for old favorites to keep you company in the dark afternoons of holiday break, relationship thriller You and family sci-fi actioner Lost In Space are both back for their second seasons on the platform. Oh, and there's something called The Witcher headed our way too. Not sure what it's about, but some say it's the new Game of Thrones and it's got Henry Cavill shirtless. So maybe you've heard about it?

Though if you're one of the folks who finally got hooked on Outlander's first two seasons this year, thanks to Netflix finally carrying them in their TV library, Season 3 will be headed your way this month. And if you've always wanted to watch Grey's Anatomy spinoff Private Practice in its entirety, but didn't have a Hulu subscription to do so, then you'll be able to devour all six seasons starting this month.

A lot of content is headed to Netflix, and you're not going to want to miss a beat in the coming month's entertainment. So we need to tell you that the titles above are, as always, subject to change and availability. If something doesn't look like it's where it belongs, or if you're uncertain on a particular film or show's drop date, head over to our lineup and double check your work. Until next time, happy holidays, and stream carefully into the new year!

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