The Masked Singer Spoilers: Thingamajig Turned Up The Heat On Nicole Scherzinger, But Who Got Burnt?

Spoilers ahead for the December 4 episode of The Masked Singer Season 2 on Fox.

The Masked Singer was off for a couple of weeks to leave fans waiting to find out the identity of yet another of the second season's crop of singers, but it returned in a big way on December 4 to pit Butterfly vs. Fox and Thingamajig vs. Christmas Tree. Thingamajig took his flirtation with judge Nicole Scherzinger to the next level, which led her to drop a zinger on ex Nick Cannon. But was the added heat good for him, or was he the one to get burnt and unmasked?

Thingamajig is sticking around to sing another day, as it was Butterfly who was voted out and unmasked. Who was the one beating her wings all season? None other than Michelle Williams!

After her initial performance, the judges had a variety of guesses, with Jenny McCarthy sticking to her guns that the woman beneath the mask had to be Michelle Williams. (No, not that Michelle Williams.) For McCarthy, the former Destiny's Child singer fit the bill. Ken Jeong pitched Kerry Washington, while Robin Thicke went for Leona Lewis.

After the showdown between Thingamajig and Butterfly revealed Butterfly was fluttering her way out the door, the final guesses stood at Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy for Michelle Williams, Ken Jeong for former Spice Girl and America's Got Talent judge Mel B., and guest judge Joel McHale for other former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. Kudos to Robin, Jenny, and Nicole!

Check out Michelle Williams' unmasking after losing the vote to Thingamajig on The Masked Singer

Even though she didn't quite make it to the finals of The Masked Singer, Michelle Williams -- who has dealt with mental health issues in recent years -- was clearly glad that she took the chance and appreciated the commentary from the judges. She then launched into an encore performance that, while not quite on the level of that Destiny's Child reunion, was full of power and energy.

Given Michelle Williams' killer performances, I can't help but wonder if Thingamajig remains in the game because audiences are charmed by his flirtation with Nicole Scherzinger. It's not the first example of a powerhouse singer getting the boot earlier than perhaps deserved, but Thingamajig was pretty solid in this episode. Fans watching from home may have mixed reactions, considering Thingamajig's identity is all but an open secret at this point.

All signs -- and there have been a lot of signs -- point toward Thingamajig's identity as Indiana Pacers basketball player Victor Oladipo. If he's unmasked, it won't be much of a thrilling twist, but then it would open the door for more mystery in the rest of the season. And hey, Nicole Scherzinger could meet her Masked Singer man face-to-face!

Who will be the next masked celeb revealed on The Masked Singer? Find out with new episodes on Fox Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET. Not a whole lot of time is left before the grand Season 2 finale, but you can find more viewing options for the not-too-distant future on our 2020 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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