Looking For Who Bachelor Peter Picked? Why Ring Finger Spoilers Won't Help

Bachelorette Hannah Brown engagement ring to Jed Wyatt

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BACHELOR SPOILERS ahead on Peter Weber's The Bachelor 2020, aka Season 24.

We're currently in The Bachelor schedule dead zone. Bachelor Peter Weber has finished filming his season, but the show won't premiere until Monday, January 6, 2020 on ABC. So spoilers are out there! Someone -- and not just his dog -- must know the ending. Who did Bachelor Peter pick? Is he engaged? If Pilot Pete did propose in the finale, don't go looking for ring finger spoilers. Peter's fiancée wouldn't have a ring right now. He wouldn't have it either. More on that below.

According to Reality Steve, Bachelor Peter's final rose ceremony is not a "normal" ending, which just makes it sound more intriguing. Did Bachelor Peter at least eventually pick someone and get engaged? Well, Steve doesn't know for sure yet. He told fans Peter's final four and then up to the final two ladies -- Madison Prewett & Hannah Ann Sluss -- and now spoiler-loving fans are scouring their social media profiles to look for ring finger clues.

Reality Steve said he hears it from fans every season -- looking for clues that suggest this must be the one The Bachelor picked because of a ring or lack of a ring or any sort of sign.

But, as Reality Steve noted in his recent podcast, with anything that Hannah Ann or Madi post, fans have to stop looking for engagement rings. The Bachelor "winners" -- or engaged Bachelorettes -- don't get to keep the rings while the show is airing. He said the rings are given back to production that very day after the final rose ceremony and the fiancées don't get to see their rings again until the "After the Final Rose" special.

Which isn't to say The Bachelor fans can't or shouldn't check Madi or Hannah Ann's Instas for other most-likely-imagined signs of happiness, heartbreak, or hope to be the 2020 Bachelorette.

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Any hints in that post from Alabama native Madi, at left? How about this Florida-based post from Tennessee native Hannah Ann?

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Looks like a modeling shot, doesn't it? Hannah Ann is a commercial model, and friends with Hannah Godwin, who had some major highs and lows in 2019. Hannah G. was one of Bachelor Colton Underwood's finalists and then got engaged during Bachelor in Paradise.

Reality Steve's spoilers already said Hannah Ann got Bachelor Pete's first impression rose -- which might actually be a bad sign for her chances to "win" the season. The first impression rose winner is usually not picked in the end, which might give Madi the edge as Bachelor Peter's current Chosen One, whether fiancée or otherwise. Or he could pull a Brad Womack 1.0 and walk away alone. We don't know.

Maybe Bachelor Peter decides he's not ready to get engaged so soon after Bachelorette Hannah Brown broke his heart, if she even did that? Then again, if that was the case, why waste our time with a season of The Bachelor if you're not ready to move on.

We know Bachelorette Hannah will be part of Bachelor Peter's season, but not as much as ABC's promos already want us to think. After all, we saw her on Dancing With the Stars. She even won the 2019 season! She obviously wasn't pining for Pilot Pete, so if that's part of his story it's pretty one-sided. We'll have to see.

I hope that's not the case, since both Madi and Hannah Ann seem nice enough from here -- although there will apparently be a lot of pageant girl drama on The Bachelor 2020 and they are both pageant alums. Also, Victoria Fuller will be a major drama magnet of the season. It should be interesting.

The Bachelor Season 24 starts with a three-hour premiere on January 6, basically showing two full episodes including the first dates of the season. Madi gets the first one-on-one. Good sign?

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