Wait, Is Bachelorette Hannah Brown Going To Be On Peter’s Season Of The Bachelor? Here’s What Spoilers Say

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Well, Bachelor Nation, we all knew that "Pilot" Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor was coming up early in 2020, and that lots of romantic and potentially windmill-based sexual shenanigans were sure to be afoot. And, we thought we knew about all the ladies who would populate Season 24 and vie for the fly guy's heart, but...could we have been wrong?

A new promo for Peter's season of The Bachelor popped up during tonight's Dancing with the Stars finale, and we were treated to a very surprising scene that featured him seeming to have quite an intimate conversation with none other his his windmill woman, Hannah Brown herself. Take a look!

OH. BOY. I mean, everything was flowing along just fine for a while there, wasn't it? The ladies thought Peter Weber was hot, they were having fun in exotic locales and going on dates that no one ever goes on in real life. Peter and several of the ladies were getting it on everywhere they could, there was heartbreak on the horizon for some, and then it happened. One of the women says, in voice over, "OK, what else could go wrong?" I  guess Peter's ex-girlfriend Hannah Brown showing up is what could go wrong. Sorry, ladies!

As you might recall, Peter made it all the way to the final three when Hannah was looking for love earlier this year on her season of The Bachelorette. Peter displayed some great good guy charm during Hannah's entire season, and fans were just as smitten with him (in spite of those behind the scenes rumors) as she was. And, as mentioned previously in this story and in the first teaser we had for Peter's Bachelor season, he also famously had sex with Hannah a lot during their overnight date in a windmill.

So, you know, these people really liked each other for a time, just a few months ago, and now Hannah has turned up on his season of The Bachelor and it sounds like they're talking about serious relationship things between them, not just in general. What does this mean? Will someone please tell me what this means before I have a reality TV love-based panic attack?!?!

If you're in the same boat as me, never fear! Reality TV spoiler guru Reality Steve took to Twitter to dispel any fears that Hannah is also going to try and woo Peter when The Bachelor rolls around again.

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OMG. That is such a relief! I mean, obviously Hannah would have been better off choosing Peter (or "most respectful man ever" Tyler Cameron...or megawatt smile "Big" Mike Johnson) over that guy she did, briefly, end up with, but at this point it's probably better that everyone just move on with their life and loves and, yeah, I'm gonna say it...have raucous windmill sex with somebody else from now on.

It sounds like Hannah just showed up for a couple of nights to talk to Peter, and, even though it does seem to get very flirty between them in the above promo, previous spoilers from Reality Steve do not point toward Hannah making Peter turn his head away from the ladies picked for his season. Even though, of course, there is a different Hannah among them.

Alright, Bachelor Nation, we can all rest easy. Hannah Brown just won Dancing with the Stars, anyway. She gots no time for reviving old romances right now!

We can all make sure that these spoilers hold true when Peter Weber's stint as The Bachelor begins to air on ABC, Monday January 6 at 8 p.m. EST. In the meantime, you can keep up with everything else coming to TV in early 2020!

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