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As any super-involved Vikings viewer knows, there are a lot of fan theories about the series. Given the deep mythos that Vikings possesses, that is not where the potential for fan theories ends. Could Floki actually be a god, specifically the god of mischief? Alexander Ludwig, who plays Bjorn, agrees it is possible!

Alexander Ludwig was giving his thoughts on Vikings fan theories when he arrived at one that he seemed to agree is entirely possible. That brings us to none other than Floki, whose current whereabouts remain a mystery after the cave he was in collapsed. If you believe Floki is still somehow alive, there could be a reason. Is he a god?

The fan theory goes that Floki is actually the god of mischief, aka Loki. As you can tell from his name, Floki’s is only a letter off from that. A nod to his true origins? Asked if he thinks there is any truth to the Vikings theory, Alexander Ludwig told TV Guide:

I believe so. I believe that's a very interesting one. I think the purpose of that character is left up in the air. But their beliefs, and their spirituality was very prominent, so in the context of the Viking world it's very plausible that's who he is.

Interesting! If this Vikings fan theory is correct, it would explain a lot. I am confused about if Floki knows he is Loki or not. Floki does believe in the gods fervently, which is what led to his spelunking expedition to find them. If he knows he is one, why did he need to go looking?

Vikings’ Floki has historical ties. However, he has remained at the core of the show’s spiritual realm with respect to the Vikings’ beliefs. If Floki is actually Loki, it is interesting that he was searching for the gods when the cave collapsed. Could the big Vikings twist be that Floki brought a god into it with his own presence?

Either way, Alexander Ludwig is definitely on-board with this Vikings theory and he points to the show for some evidence that supports it. The Floki scene in question occurred during the Season 4 episode entitled “Yol,” and Ludwig explained its significance, saying:

If there's any specific scene that would hint to that, it would be when the Seer licks Floki's hand, as opposed to the other way around, which is what we've seen up until then. For any fervent Vikings fans, that would mean a lot to them, I think, if they were reading into it.

Alexander Ludwig makes an excellent point in referencing that Vikings scene. You cannot help but wonder if this one could be true after considering it. The Seer was killed off last season. However, he returned in the Season 6 premiere. Before the Seer met his demise at Ivar’s hand, the Seer met with various characters. Sometimes he offered them bad news about their futures.

After getting their “reading,” the person would then lick the Seer’s hand. In the Vikings scene that Alexander Ludwig referenced, the Seer licked Floki’s. Did the Seer know Floki’s real identity as Loki and show his reverence for him by licking his hand instead? It seems to fit the situation.

If Floki is unaware of being a god, it would explain his constant frustration with the world around him. The mystery of if Floki is a god has been momentarily overshadowed by his status among the living. Vikings’ creator has given an update about where that storyline is headed, and it involves Ubbe searching for answers.

He has had to temporarily forego his mission to find Floki while Bjorn set out to rescue Harald. Bjorn left Ubbe in charge of Kattegat in his stead. After the way Vikingslatest episode played out, Ubbe may be ruling Kattegat for a while. A development that means the wait for answers about Floki will wear on in the meantime.

Find out what happens next in the Floki mystery when new episodes of Vikings air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on History. The historical drama’s return is part of this winter's premieres.

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