Vikings Just Changed Everything For Lagertha And Bjorn In Season 6

Vikings Lagertha Katheryn Winnick History
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Spoilers for Vikings Season 6, Episode 2 entitled “Ghosts, Gods and Running Dogs” are discussed below!

Hot off the highly eventful Season 6 premiere, Vikings just changed everything for Lagertha and her son, Bjorn. The previous episode had already foreshadowed something was on its way for the mother and son power duo. Lagertha recently tried to transition into retirement from her shield-maiden days. Meanwhile, Bjorn had decided that as King of Kattegat, he would set off to save Harald. Cue reality.

So much for best-laid plans. There's a reason why it's best to expect the unexpected when it comes to this show. At least one of the major things that I wanted to see (Lagertha bonding with her grandkids) happened. Regardless, Lagertha and Bjorn are far from where they were in Vikings’ opener. Time to get into it!

Vikings Katheryn Winnick Lagertha History

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What Happened To Lagertha?

In an incredibly moving scene, women from a neighboring village came to meet Lagertha, who they showed tremendous respect for. By the time Vikings ended this episode, Ivar’s banished allies had brutally attacked the villagers, killing their children, and raping all of the women. They also murdered a woman who had sweetly kissed Lagertha’s hand. In response, Lagertha unearthed her sword, ready to fight another day.

Vikings Lagertha Katheryn Winnick History

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How Does This Change Things For Lagertha?

Vikings’ creator had teased that Lagertha could not retire, and she came out of it earlier than expected. Is this the big battle that Katheryn Winnick had teased Lagertha fighting in Vikings Season 6? It sure seems like it. Either way, Lagertha is back to life as a warrior and a leader. Ivar's allies should be worried.

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What Happened To Bjorn?

Why, Bjorn, why? Like his father did before him on Vikings, Bjorn cheated on his wife, before heading off to save Harald. Things did not get better for Bjorn from there. After attempting a sneak attack to rescue Harald via a night swim, Olaf revealed he had put accelerant in the water, and lit it aflame. Mission failed.

Vikings Alexander Ludwig Bjorn History

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How Does This Change Things For Bjorn?

Bjorn has lost many men but managed to escape along with Kjetill. Or at least, I think they did. Bjorn realized they could swim underneath the flames. Ragnar also faced resistance and managed to find a way through it. Bjorn could similarly succeed. The trailer for Season 6 showed Harald in fighting shape again on Vikings, so Bjorn must pull it off somehow.

As for Lagertha, I am happy that she is going to help these women and fight the villains her son banished. So far, Bjorn’s reign as King of Kattegat has been problematic. His decision not to execute Ivar’s evil collaborators has resulted in dire consequences. That cannot be lost on Lagertha. How will the village women feel when they find out Lagertha supported Bjorn’s verdict?

What about Bjorn? He and his wife are expecting a child. Now there is a strong chance he has sired another child with Ingrid. If and when he makes it back to Kattegat, I do not expect Gunnhild to be too pleased with her husband. It seems like a safe bet that Ingrid will run to tell Gunnhild about sleeping with Bjorn.

Is it going to be Aslaug and Lagertha all over again? Remember, Aslaug, like Ingrid, also claimed some mystical connections, and Lagertha was/is a warrior, much like Gunnhild. Vikings seems to be repeating history in a realistic way that many long-time viewers will probably recognize. It adds another layer to the character drama at the series’ core.

I am hoping Bjorn and Gunnhild’s story ends differently than Ragnar and Lagertha’s. On a side note, I am enjoying Ubbe’s time as Kattegat’s interim leader. As for Ivar, his story took yet another dark turn as Oleg tortured his brother. What is Ivar learning from witnessing Oleg’s reign of terror? Alex Høgh Andersen has teased the duo’s complicated relationship.

There was a slight flicker of humanity that seemed to stir in Ivar upon seeing Oleg’s latest atrocity. Will it last? Stay tuned and find out what happens next for Lagertha and Bjorn when new episodes of Vikings air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on History. The riveting drama’s return is part of this winter's premieres.

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