Vikings Creator Has Mysteriously Good News For Floki Fans

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Vikings left fans off with a cliffhanger last season regarding the fate of original character, Floki. Now, there is some mysteriously good news from the show’s creator for Floki fans. Time for a quick rewind. Before the cliffhanger, Ragnar’s friend had gone off to start a settlement in Iceland. Things did not go well.

After a string of unfortunate events, Floki went inside a cave to find his gods. He did not find them. Instead, he found a Christian cross, and his visceral outrage led to the walls of the cave crumbling. Floki’s fate has been in question ever since. Vikings creator, Michael Hirst, has teased what is to come in Ubbe’s Season 6 quest for answers about Floki, telling TV Guide:

So Ubbe and Torvi, Ubbe especially, wants to try and find out what happened to Floki because Floki's death has been wrapped in mystery and confusion, and lots of contradictory accounts of the Icelandic settlement. And I wanted to go back to Iceland anyway and I had further plans for that. But it's something Ubbe learns from someone else, from another traveler, that there's more than meets the eye to the death of Floki and what happened to Floki and what happened in the settlement and in Iceland. So Ubbe and Torvi go on a journey [that] takes them to Iceland and then takes them somewhere else, which I can't tell you where that is. But it's a journey.

There is a lot to unpack here. Ubbe will be heading off to investigate Floki’s demise with his wife, Torvi. Promotional photos for Vikings Season 6 revealed that Adam Copeland’s Kjetill would return to Kattegat. In those images, he appears to have a chat with Bjorn. Fans will recall that Kjetill and Floki’s relationship did not end on excellent terms.

Does Kjetill's account not match with this other traveler's? There is apparently "more than meets the eye" regarding Floki's fate, according to Vikings' creator. Does what Michael Hirst said about Floki’s fate confirm his demise, though? He does refer to Floki’s “death.” Ubbe could find out in Season 6. Maybe, Floki survived the cave collapse, and he later encountered Kjetill, who made him disappear.

Ubbe getting a shot at a larger storyline is personally reassuring. He has always been a standout. I am curious to learn what Ubbe discovers in Iceland and where that takes him. Did Floki survive and take off somewhere else? Or does collateral info from the Floki investigation lead Ubbe elsewhere? Vikings has a lot to get done in its final season.

There is some historical context for where Floki’s story could end up going. It will be interesting to see how closely Vikings ends up tracking with it. I still cannot believe that Floki is genuinely dead. Vikings did not show his dead body or offer any definitive confirmation. That tends to be a telltale clue when it comes to determining a character’s fate.

Surviving a cave collapse in Viking times seems impossible. However, Floki has a tendency to overcome the odds. How Ubbe will get to whatever truth there is surrounding Floki’s potential demise will be exciting to watch. It sounds like Vikings has a few surprises in store for its sixth and final season.

Find out what Ubbe and Torvi unearth about Floki when Vikings Season 6 premieres Wednesday, December 4, at 9 p.m. ET on History. The two-hour opener is one of this winter’s premieres. Relive Floki's potentially final episodes via Vikings: Season 5 Volume 2 Blu-ray/DVD set, which is out now!

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