Amazon's Lord Of The Rings Just Cast A His Dark Materials Actress

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Amazon’s much-anticipated Lord of the Rings series continues making strides forward. The show's latest step comes by way of casting a His Dark Materials actress! Someone is staying within the fantasy realm! Who will be going from the HBO drama to Middle-earth, and who will they be playing? Brace yourselves, there is no middle ground with this news, only epic terrain!

According to Variety, Lord of the Rings has cast His Dark Materials’ Morfydd Clark in a lead role. Clark plays Sister Clara on the HBO fantasy series. For Lord of the Rings, Clark will reportedly be taking on the iconic part of young Galadriel. Yes, the role played by Cate Blanchett in the film franchise!

Fans were already aware that the timeline revealed for the Lord of the Rings series would pre-date the first film – The Fellowship of the Ring, thus opening the page of this chapter in Middle Earth’s history to the one in which Sauron takes power.

If you feared that no familiar characters would take part in the show, it seems you can rest easy. Galadriel is here for you! You can check out a photo of Morfydd Clark in her role as Sister Clara in His Dark Materials below:

His Dark Materials Morfydd Clark Sister Clara HBO

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News of this Lord of the Rings casting comes shortly after the series lost a major star in Will Poulter. He was set to play a leading role in the Middle-earth drama, but his exit reportedly concerned the show’s planned hiatus between Season 1 and 2. As a result, scheduling with other projects led to his departure from the ambitious series, which has already been renewed.

Still on board to star in the Lord of the Rings series alongside new recruit Morfydd Clark is Ema Horvath in an undisclosed role. Game of Thrones vet Joseph Mawle, who played Benjen Stark on the HBO series, will take a villainous turn for Lord of the Rings. Markella Kavenagh and Maxim Baldry are also reportedly set to star.

Lord of the Rings continues making steady progress as 2019 rolls to a close. The series will return to the movie franchise’s comforting filming embrace of New Zealand. There is a lot in store for Lord of the Rings fans to look forward to from the secretive series. They have to be hiding something good!

Galadriel having a role in the Lord of the Rings series, is huge! She is a royal Elf, and her crucial part throughout the Lord of the Rings film franchise is indicative of that. Fans ready to catch a glimpse of her earlier years will finally get their chance!

A premiere date has not been announced for the Lord of the Rings television show. It will eventually arrive on Amazon Prime Video. To help deal with the wait in between updates on the series, there are always this winter’s premieres.

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