Amazon's Lord Of The Rings Series Has Added Another Actress

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(Image credit: New Line Cinema)
(Image credit: New Line Cinema)

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings television series just took another significant step forward. The show has added another actress to its ensemble! Casting has been underway and some exciting actors were announced. Based on what is known so far, Lord of the Rings fans have every reason to look forward to the series. Now they have one more!

According to Deadline, the high-security show has cast actress Ema Horvath as a new member of its growing ensemble. As with most anything relating Lord of the Rings, further details are scarce. There were no reveals about who Horvath is playing or any particular traits of her character. There is one crucial detail, though! Horvath will be a series regular.

That bodes well for Ema Horvath, who is relatively new to the acting scene. Horvath starred as Auna Rue in the 2019 horror thriller, The Gallows Act II (pictured below).

The Gallows Act II Ema Horvath Auna Rue

(Image credit: The Gallows Act II)

Joining Lord of the Rings is definitely going to put the up-and-coming actress on the map in a major way! The big-budget, highly-anticipated Lord of the Rings series is a very big deal.

Ema Horvath joins previously announced actor Will Poulter as Beldor. His role, like Horvath’s, is shrouded in secrecy. You can rest assured that whoever their characters turn out to be, what they get up to will precede the first Lord of the Rings movie. Much earlier this year, the show confirmed when it would take place.

The television show’s cast now includes Will Poulter, Markella Kavenagh as Tyra, and Game of Thrones veteran Joseph Mawle. Fans of the HBO series will recall that Mawle played the Stark children’s Uncle Benjen. For Lord of the Rings, Mawle will be moving away from his time as the heroic Benjen to take a villainous turn as Lord of the Rings’ Oren.

That is not the only Game of Thrones-related aspect the Lord of the Rings show has going for it. The books count Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin as one of the many fans. Martin previously revealed how Lord of the Rings impacted his saga. He has also said that he is still in need of some answers from the series.

Amazon has already shown tremendous faith in the Lord of the Rings show. Season 1 reportedly has a huge episode count, and it has already gotten renewed for a second season. Yes, before the first TV installment of Lord of the Rings even airs!

The early renewal move makes the television show even more like the movies. How? Lord of the Rings is reportedly set to film the two seasons close together. This strategy that was also used by the film franchise helmer Peter Jackson. In another parallel to the films, the Lord of the Rings show will also film in New Zealand. The cast is going to be surrounded by beauty!

A premiere date is still pending for the Lord of the Rings television show. When it does make its much-anticipated debut, it will do so on Amazon Prime Video. To help with the wait, there are always this winter’s premieres.

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