The Boys Stars Hilariously React To One-Star Reviews In New Video

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It's not exactly a secret that art, in its many forms, is very subjective. This applies to television shows as much as anything, and for every peak TV mega-hit there are going to be a bunch of folks who don't get the appeal or just plain hate what that series has to offer. While many of us couldn't get enough of The Boys when it hit Amazon last summer, apparently, not everyone who watched the wicked superhero show felt the same.

Even as a fan, I can easily admit that The Boys can be A LOT to handle. We saw three people explode in this show, and three others were blown up besides that. There's a lot of cursing, blood, sex and general inappropriateness that would likely drive some folks to distraction in a bad way. Plus, it's an adaptation of a beloved comic, and good luck doing one of those without pissing off a dedicated group of diehard fans for any number of reasons.

Well, we all know where people who hate things go to tell everyone about it, right? Yup, the internet! Now we can all watch some of the stars of The Boys give their hilarious takes on a few of the one-star reviews the show got from non-fans. Ready? Here we go!

WOW. Alright, we got some pretty funny / intense reactions from Chase Crawford, Tomer Capon, Laz Alonso, Jessie T. Usher, Jack Quaid, Dominique McElligott, Nathan Mitchell, and Karen Fukuhara. But, before we dive more deeply into those, what the fuck are cow bell powers?!

OK, now that I've gotten that off of my chest and you can all focus on thinking it over for a bit, let me say how much I love that at least some of the actors were sorta in character for this little experiment. Crawford's deadpan responses through a few questions, until he gleefully giggles with a maniacal glint in his eyes at the thought of a kids watching the bloody good fun that is The Boys, were perfection. We still don't know what Black Noir looks like, or anything about him, but that finger wag was seriously intimidating, wasn't it?

Meanwhile, Quaid couldn't help but laugh at a one-star review that revealed that the person hated The Boys so much...that they watched over half of the first season. What can I say? Sometimes it takes a while for hate to crystallize into a white hot flame that consumes one so much that one simply must tell the whole interwebs about it.

My favorite responses though, have to be from Alonso and Capon. The reviewer who said there was so much cursing in the show that it seemed like everyone was at "a drunken sailor convention" prompted Alonso to curse loudly enough that you can actually hear his voice echoing in the studio. Capon, for his part, spent most of the segment giving folks the finger in intriguing ways, the best of which was definitely the playing-air-trumpet-into-giving-you-the-double-finger move. Classic. I've been using that one since the fifth grade.

I can guarantee that none of these one-star reviewers are prepared for the head-ripping good time that Season 2 of The Boys is promising.

The bonkers and diabolical Season 2 of The Boys is coming our way on Amazon sometime in 2020, and is said to go way deeper than the first season did, so get ready! For more of what you can watch on the small screen next year, be sure to check out our winter / spring premiere guide.

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