The Boys Rips A Dude's Head Open And Keeps Things Nice And Gross In Season 2 Trailer

the boys homelander bloody face season 2

No doubt about it, Amazon's The Boys delivered some of the most delightfully explicit moments in 2019 superhero TV, not to mention across the genre's entire history. From the opening horrors of Hughie's girlfriend getting annihilated out of existence by A-Train to that whole Translucent situation to...well, everything else...The Boys was a non-stop shop of exceedingly ribald moments. And guess what? Season 2 isn't going to pull the plug on that approach, as evidenced by the newly unveiled trailer.

As seen below, The Boys obviously wanted to assure fans that things were keeping to the status quo for Season 2, with a trailer that delivers one brutal moment after another, bookended by the curious entrance and exit of the all-powerful Homelander. (Who, yes, gets his milk on in the promo.) Check it out, and keep an open eye for answers to lingering Season 1 questions.

Wasn't that just as magical as you'd have hoped? Assuming, of course, that your idea of magic is tons of blood spatter, Karl Urban smirking and a dude getting his head ripped in half at the mouth. Is there any other kind, though?


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Classic. And now that I say it, how fun would it be if one of the new members of The Seven would be an egotistical stage magician who used actual magic to do certain tricks? Like ripping a rabbit's head in half, I guess.

Beyond that particular gruesomeness, the trailer is filled with other fun and ghastly moments as well. One has to wonder whose blood is all over Hughie's face, for instance. And where Patton Oswalt is. And what's up with that one character sending people flying across a store. That's no way to support consumerism, guy.

the boys store telekinesis

Fans no doubt noticed that the trailer answers one of the biggest questions set forth at the end of Season 1: what happened to A-Train? While it looked as if he was dead and gone in the finale, having given himself a heart attack of sorts due to taking too much Compound V, he could be seen in the trailer under medical care of some kind. Probably nothing too official, though, since Vought International likely wouldn't want one of their injured heroes in the public healthcare system.

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For now, we're still not sure just yet when Amazon will be releasing The Boys Season 2 to the public, but it'll likely still be quite a while, considering Season 1 only came out in July. That said, here's hoping that creator Eric Kripke, along with executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, can convince Amazon to bring new episodes to fans sooner than next summer. Even though we already know what scene won't be there when Season 2 arrives.

The very good news is that there are official premiere dates for a bunch of other shows that can fill the time during the wait for the blood-spurting action of The Boys Season 2. Swing by our 2020 winter and spring TV premiere schedule for all the dates you need.

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