Steve Harvey Accused Of Stealing Jokes By Hanging With Mr. Cooper's Mark Curry

Steve Harvey Family Feud

Steve Harvey is one of television's most prolific funnymen of late. Whether it's him cutting up with talented kids on Little Big Shots or looking horrified at contestants' inappropriate answers on Family Feud, Harvey has been known to make America laugh on a regular basis. One person who isn't laughing so hard, however, is comedian and former Hanging with Mr. Cooper star Mark Curry, who has alleged Harvey stole some of his material for use in multiple television projects

Mark Curry, who is best known for his TGIF sitcom, is once again speaking out against Steve Harvey for stealing jokes. Curry was asked about his thoughts on Steve Harvey by a videographer with a camera rolling, and mentioned that he believed Steve Harvey had not once, but twice stolen his stand-up material and used them on his former daytime talk show Steve Harvey and Little Big Shots.

He used my material on both his platforms after I saw him. I talked to him at [Def Comedy Jam 25 in 2017] and I said, 'Man you're using my material. You're taking money out of my pocket. You made enough money, you're very wealthy. You don't have to take it from me.' Then he used it on his other show. . . . Steve Harvey, stop using my material! Just call me and I'll tell you how to use my material. The bad thing about it, he's doing a bad job at it. If you're going to steal somebody's material, at least do it right.

Those words to TMZ mark the second time the comedian has accused Steve Harvey of stealing his material recently. Curry also went on The Mike & Donny Show a month ago and went into more details about the same subject matter, specifically claiming Harvey performed a large portion of Curry's Halloween routine on his Steve Harvey talk show. As if the alleged joke theft wasn't bad enough, it hurt Curry more to see someone with a very successful career using others comedic material that could Curry himself could have benefited from.

As of writing, these are just Mark Curry's allegations. Steve Harvey has not yet responded to Curry's claims that he used stolen material on Steve Harvey, nor has he commented on the allegations that he did it again on Little Big Shots after talking to Curry. The latter comedian, on the other hand, revealed that the world may be seeing more of him in the future. In Curry's words:

I'm ready to come out of retirement and do a special...I'm ready, I'm funny, my material's original I ain't stealing nobodies material.

Hey, perhaps this whole ordeal could result in Mark Curry posting a major comeback on a cable or streaming service and eventually burying the hatchet with Steve Harvey. Or, this feud could just get uglier, which feels like a possibility when joke-stealing allegations like this are being thrown around to the media. Remember when Louis C.K. had Dane Cook on his FX show after their rift? Or maybe that's not the best example to bring up here.

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