Fox's 9-1-1 May Bring Back Connie Britton In Season 3

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All the big network shows are slowly but surely making their way back to TV for the back half of their seasons, and some are set to deliver more surprises than others. On 9-1-1, the unexpected can happen at any moment, though even the biggest fans may be shocked to learn that former star Connie Britton may come back to the series. That means more Abby is potentially on the way, which should make a lot of viewers really happy.

Before anyone gets too excited, it should be mentioned this possible return doesn't have too many details in regards to length. TVLine reported Connie Britton is in talks to appear in multiple episodes. Britton's Abby was a key character in Season 1 of 9-1-1, but was written off in the end, as Britton's contract was only set for one season. Ryan Murphy has mentioned a couple of times in the past that his plan was to bring her back around for a couple episodes to keep her character relevant throughout the series.

As such, Connie Britton's possible return to 9-1-1 is not a complete surprise. The actress mentioned last year she's always one to say yes to Ryan Murphy. Of course, she did choose to step away from 9-1-1 at the time to do handle other things, but it's not as though the series' ratings suffered immensely in her absence. With that said, Abby has been gone for a long time, so how will 9-1-1 re-introduce her character?

The last time Abby was referenced on 9-1-1, she and Buck had split while she across the planet on a food-friendly trek across Europe. Buck had tried to make the situation work, but eventually gave up hope and moved out of her apartment. He's sure to have mixed feelings about her return, since so much has happened in his life since they were last in contact. He joked about being a renewed Buck 2.0 at one point, though he might be on version 5.0 or something by the time she shows up again.

Of course, some things are sure to have changed with Abby as well. Traveling the world can obviously be a viewpoint-changing and eye-opening experience, so her outlook on life may be just as different as Buck's after all the things he's been through since she left. Will the two realize that and ultimately decide their lives have changed too much to make things work, or will Ryan Murphy surprise us with news that Connie Britton is staying longer than expected?

It will certainly be interesting to see these two interact and how 9-1-1 will utilize Abby for the time they've managed to tack down Connie Britton for. Whether the whole story is good or bad for Buck, at least one can count on some strong performances from the always-entertaining Britton, who even returned to American Horror Story for its Apocalypse season.

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9-1-1 Returns to Fox for its back half of Season 3 sometime in 2020. Stick with CinemaBlend for more on the series, and for the latest news happening in the world of television and movies.

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