9-1-1 Confirms The Fate Of One Character After Tsunami In New Episode Photos, But What About Christopher?

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Spoilers ahead for the second episode of 9-1-1 Season 3, called "Sink or Swim."

9-1-1 devastated the Santa Monica Pier in the second episode of Season 3 when the long-awaited tsunami finally reached shore. The good news is that the first responders of this show are brave and resourceful enough that the people of Los Angeles are in the best hands they could be in post-tsunami; the bad news is that Buck and Christopher were at the pier when the tsunami hit, and Buck lost track of Christopher when the water began to rush back out to sea. Additionally, Ronda Rousey made her 9-1-1 debut, and her character's fate was left in question too.

Well, in case you were wondering if Ronda Rousey's appearance in "Sink or Swim" was a one-off cameo from a big name who wanted to appear on a big show, that's not the case. Ronda Rousey will appear throughout Season 3, so her character didn't drown in the torrent in the second episode. In fact, she'll be a firefighter, and her location at the ferris wheel in "Sink or Swim" raises the question: will she have a part to play in Buck and Christopher's story?

Images from the next episode of 9-1-1 provide some clues. So, let's first look at proof that Ronda Rousey's character survived the tsunami and will be in the mix as Lena Bosco next week:

Well, Bosco makes it back to dry land at some point in the next episode, and she doesn't look that bad, all things considering. The ferris wheel had been hit with a tsunami, after all! She also looks pretty grim considering she just survived a tsunami, but then she is a firefighter. She's been trained in wanting to react and save lives; even a character played by Ronda Rousey can't defeat a tsunami any more than Buck could in his fight to find Christopher in the cliffhanger.

Another image suggests that Bosco was injured in the tsunami, so she might not be part of the search for Christopher at all. In fact, considering who she's with in the image, nobody other than Buck may have realized that Christopher is missing in the tsunami just yet. Take a look:

Bosco is looking injured, and seemingly has been rescued by Eddie. Although he does have a serious look on his face, Eddie doesn't strike me as somebody who knows his son went missing in the waters of a tsunami, and his friend who was recently hospitalized with blood clots due to overexertion was the one who had been with him when the monster wave struck.

Of course, Eddie did reveal in "Sink or Swim" that he thinks Buck was taking Christopher to the movies, so he would have no reason to suspect that they were at the pier or wonder why he hadn't heard from them. Another image of Eddie doesn't show him looking any more concerned:

I'm guessing Eddie is at the decommissioned V.A. hospital Maddie suggested reopening to deal with the overwhelming number of people needing medical attention because of the tsunami. Again, he doesn't look too frantic, so my money is on him still not knowing there's anything to worry about with regard to Christopher.

Normally I would doubt that 9-1-1 would more or less kick off Season 3 by killing off the adorable son of a firefighter who had just restored the hope of Buck, but another image seems to suggest that the good guys will sustain a loss in the next episode.

Maddie is standing in front of a board with a "Santa Monica" sign that seems to be covered with "MISSING" posters, and she looks heartbroken. Considering everything she went through last season, it might take a lot to get her to this emotional place. Is this a sign that something tragic happens to somebody totally undeserving, or somebody Maddie loves? Buck is in very real danger himself, what with the raging waters and health issues, and he is Maddie's brother. Could something happen to Buck rather than Christopher?

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Unfortunately, we won't find out until the next episode of 9-1-1 airs on Monday, October 7 at 8 p.m. ET. Called "The Searchers," the episode will feature Buck fearing the worst after Christopher goes missing, while Athena, Maddie, Bobby and the 118 work together to save lives.

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