The Circle's Shubham And Joey Are Totally Continuing Their Bromance Outside Of The Show

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the currently available episodes of The Circle as of January 9, 2020. Read at your own risk!

America is eight episodes into The Circle, and those watching are on social media showing love to their favorite players. In what may be a surprise to no one, Shubham Goel has become just as popular in real life as he is in the competition, where he's been a top influencer 3 times. His latest stint shown was with fellow player Joey Sasso, who Goel revealed he's still having a bromance with since the show's conclusion.

The Circle has technically finished production on Season 1 (as the final batch of episodes will debut Wednesday, January 15), and while Shubham Goel can't reveal who won the unique Netflix original, he can say that he's still friends with Joey Sasso. Goel said the two have touched base since the show's conclusion, and yes, they're just as cool outside the show despite the major differences in their personality.

In every way possible, we are different, but that’s the beauty of it. He was my day-one guy in there. Me and Joey still keep in touch....When I’m back [in Los Angeles], we’re definitely gonna kick it. I’m hoping to kick it, like, three or four times a week. With Joey, I one hundred percent know that our relationship from that Circle is going to be just as strong outside of it.

It's good to hear that friendship wasn't just a show for the game, but would viewers expect anything less from either player? Out of all the players competing in The Circle, Shubham Goel and Joey Sasso are the two least afraid to say exactly what they're thinking in the moment. Perhaps that's why the two connected despite the clear differences in their personalities, and why this bromance is rolling strong since the show's ending.

Shubham Goel told Cosmopolitan he never intended to be anything but genuine from the game's start. As he's said on The Circle, social media feels fake, which is why he may appreciate that Joey Sasso is so upfront and honest even if he shouldn't always be. The two ended up hitting it off from the start after Sasso reached out to console Goel when the first ranking showed him at the bottom. Goel wasn't playing the game like anyone else, probably because he wasn't heavily into social media prior to The Circle.

I felt like it was a disadvantage with setting up the profile, but then it was my true identity. And it really helped the forming of deep connections. I wanted to go on the show not to build very surface-level connections. I didn’t want to flirt, lie, catfish, or pander and make these terrible surface-level connections.

Had Shubham Goel and Joey Sasso tried to be someone other than themselves, there's a chance their wonderful friendship in The Circle wouldn't have manifested. That said, Goel has formed a pretty close relationship with "Rebecca" in the game, and Rebecca may be the fakest player. It's great to hear he and Joey are close, but how does Shubham feel now that he knows Rebecca is actually her boyfriend Seaburn?

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Hopefully, viewers will find out on The Circle when the final batch of episodes go up Wednesday, January 15. Stick with CinemaBlend for more on what's happening on streaming, and for other news in television and movies.

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