New Outlander Trailer Reveals The Frasers In A ‘Really Tough Position’ Facing The American Revolution

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(Image credit: Starz)
(Image credit: Starz)

The wait for Outlander Season 5 is finally almost at an end with the February premiere date fast-approaching. The Season 4 cliffhanger left Jamie facing the awful prospect of being pressured by the British to hunt his beloved godfather, while Claire was struggling to hold everything together and Brianna had to hope for the best with Roger and Jemmy. On top of all their leftover Season 4 problems, the first footage for Season 5 proves that they may find themselves on the wrong side of history with the American Revolution.

A new trailer for Outlander Season 5, which also features members of the cast dropping tantalizing teases about the upcoming episodes, reveals more about the coming revolution and, to quote Sam Heughan, "a really, really tough position." Take a look!

The Frasers may have fought (and failed) to change history in major ways in the past, as with the attempt to stop the battle at Culloden from destroying the highland way of life, but trying to prevent the American Revolution is something entirely different. For one thing, Brianna was born and raised in America, so who knows what would happen to her if her history was changed? Would the Frasers even dare try it?

Well, Claire at least seems willing to continue playing with time travel. In this new trailer (as well as the first), Claire encourages Roger to return to his own time with Bree and Jemmy in tow. She also seems to be using medical knowledge and skills she shouldn't have as an 18th century healer to try and save lives. That would track with her determination to "do no harm" whenever possible as a surgeon even in the past, but it could also be reckless with the timeline.

Considering it hasn't even been 100% confirmed that Bree successfully prevented her parents' deaths by coming back in time to warn them, we may not want to worry too much about the changing of history. Outlander hasn't exactly given the characters a whole lot of big successes on that front just yet. At least we know Jamie and Claire are still the series' sexiest couple, and it bodes well that Caitriona Balfe thinks fans will be "pleasantly surprised" by Season 5.

Even the books penned by Diana Gabaldon may not be too helpful in guessing what happens next. The survival of Murtagh all the way through to Season 5 changed everything, as book readers know he died way farther back in the timeline. For me, Season 4 churned through book material way too quickly; will Season 5 pace itself through Diana Gabaldon's plot in the fifth book in her Outlander saga, or will it also race through the story?

Find out when Outlander returns for Season 5 on Sunday, February 16 at 8 p.m. ET on Starz as one of the many big returns in the 2020 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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