New Amsterdam Season 2 Newcomer Will Confront Bloom 'With Everything She Hates' About Herself

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Spoilers for the January 14 episode of New Amsterdam entitled “Code Silver” are discussed below.

New Amsterdam will be introducing a character near -- but not necessarily dear -- to Dr. Lauren Bloom’s heart. The medical drama, which recently received a mega three-season renewal, will be welcoming Bloom’s mother in Season 2. She is set to make her debut later this season, and her entrance will cause Bloom to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

Yes, the arrival of Bloom’s mother is set to have her doing some soul searching. Or at least, confronting how her life has ended up the way it has on New Amsterdam. Teasing the introduction of Bloom’s mother and what it means for her in Season 2, Bloom’s portrayer, Janet Montgomery, told TVLine that Bloom will:

...really [be] confronted with everything she hates about herself, reflected back at her, and why she makes the choices she makes.

Wait, does this mean that Bloom and her mother are a lot alike? I'm not clear on this. What is obvious is that it has been a tough road for Bloom in Season 2 so far as she recovers from what ended up being a near-fatal ambulance crash--the same one that ultimately claimed the life of Max’s wife, Georgia. Earlier in Season 2, New Amsterdam also introduced Bloom’s new love interest, Dr. Ligon.

Interestingly, their relationship ended up imploding in “Code Silver” after Ligon, a fellow addict, revealed he had taken her medication. The two ended up going their separate ways, and the fallout from the relationship will have Bloom questioning why she has made the choices she has. Speaking about Bloom’s introspective probe ahead on the medical drama, Janet Montgomery said:

Why she chose another addict to take care of her medication, that says more about what’s going on with her and what she needs to work on. I think we always look for people to blame. When you go for the wrong guy or the wrong person, time and time again, who do you blame? You go, ‘This is my fucking family’s fault. This is my upbringing’s fault.'

It sounds like Bloom’s desire to blame her family may lead her back to her mother, a development that will have New Amsterdam setting up a mother/daughter dynamic that should be telling. I am not entirely clear if Bloom’s mother is the real cause of her issues. Or if she is not and her mom’s Season 2 arrival will make Bloom realize that.

New Amsterdam will undoubtedly shed some light on that when Bloom’s mother eventually arrives. I'm guessing she will be involved in therapy sessions for Bloom’s recovery. Of course, there is always the chance that Bloom’s mother will come to town for a separate issue. So far, it doesn't seem that casting has been completed for the gig yet, but I can't wait to find out.

As for Bloom, she has reached a critical stage in her recovery, and based on what Janet Montgomery is saying, she may be entering a new phase. Will she be able to take responsibility for her decisions? Stay tuned. Bloom still has a lot to sift through on New Amsterdam. She is newly single and has some things to analyze in her life now that the relationship is over. Then, Bloom has survived a physically and emotionally wrecking accident and will now face her mother’s impact in her life. Will her mother help or hurt things? We'll have to wait to find out.

For Bloom, it seems that the "mother" of all drama may be heading her way in the near future, but hopefully, a breakthrough will be in sight. New episodes of New Amsterdam air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. Season 2 continuing is one of this winter’s premieres.

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