Looks Like Dog The Bounty Hunter Just Proposed On TV To Family Friend 7 Months After Wife's Death

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Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman lost his wife Beth Chapman when she died after a battle with cancer back in June 2019, and Dog was surprisingly candid about his difficulties in the aftermath as he had to mourn his wife in the public eye. Now, it looks like Dog just proposed to another woman who happened to be a family friend on TV, only seven months after Beth Chapman died. But is that really what happened? Let's start with why Dog has some people convinced he popped the question.

In a clip from a taped interview for The Dr. Oz Show where he was joined by family friend Moon Angell, Dog the Bounty Hunter seemingly proposed. The clip doesn't show Moon Angell's answer or what led up to the big question, but it's still a shocker. Take a look:

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There are more questions than answers about Dog the Bounty Hunter proposing to Moon Angell. Dog looks emotional in the clip as he confesses that he's "a lot happier" with Angell around, and both Angell and Dr. Oz look pretty shocked by the proposal.

So, it looks like Dog proposed to the family friend seven months after Beth Chapman died, but are they engaged (despite his comments on dating and sex after losing his wife) or was it a spur-of-the-moment question that comes to nothing?

Wedding bells may not be ringing for Dog the Bounty Hunter any time soon, if at all. TMZ reports sources close to the Chapman family state that Dog got caught up in the moment during the Dr. Oz taping and proposed out of his heightened emotions, and Dog is not currently engaged to Moon Angell.

It would be hard to blame the man for heightened emotions, considering all of his health issues and now his financial problems in the seven months after losing his wife.

That's not to say that some people didn't believe that Dog the Bounty Hunter really did pop the question to the family friend. TMZ also reports that people in production on Dr. Oz when Dog proposed to Moon Angell believed that the proposal was genuine, even though they did not end the interview engaged.

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Moon Angell's relationship has been important to Dog in a different way, according to People. A source reportedly stated that Angell "stepped in to help Dog in his time of need" after Beth Chapman's death, and he previously told People that he'd made a deal with his wife before she passed that he'd never remove the "Beth" tattoo from his chest and "will never get married."

Well, as the Dr. Oz tweet promises, the record will be set straight in the not-too-distant future. The interview with Dog the Bounty Hunter featuring the proposal to Moon Angell airs Monday, February 3. For some additional viewing options in February and beyond, check out our 2020 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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