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My Man, Jason Momoa Took His Shirt Off At The Golden Globes

shirtless Jason Momoa in Aquaman
(Image credit: (Warner Bros))

The Golden Globes are always primetime to see our favorite celebrities best fashion shine on the red carpet – whether it be in shining ball gowns or dapper suits. But not when you're Jason Momoa! While Brian Cox was accepting his gold trophy for Best Actor is a TV series, drama, did anyone else catch the Aquaman actor rock a tank top? Take a look:

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Sorry Succession, Jason Momoa’s jacked shoulder just up and stole the moment. Never expected to see a tank top make the cut for award season fashion, did we? Then again, this is Momoa. He makes it work… he always make it work. Especially with that awesome teal statement bracelet and tassel necklace on his right wrist.

It is a tank top, though. How did he get past the red carpet in this get up? And it’s a brisk 60 degrees in Los Angeles right now! A harsh winter. His trick was actually showing up in a green velvet blazer when he walked in with his wife Lisa Bonet. Check it out below:

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The Golden Globes is a long ceremony and with all the celebrities packed in, it’s sure to get warm in there! He went for his iconic bun and slipped off the blazer for a split-second viral moment, viewers couldn’t get enough of! Check out this tweet:

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Tanks off to Momoa just being himself! It’s kind of refreshing, here’s another reaction below:

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You know what, I stand by it, it looks great. When you work as hard as Jason Momoa does on getting in shape to play a superhero and general badass, why not flaunt it. It certainly shows Jason Momoa’s genuine attitude - he doesn’t care what you think, he’s going to do what he wants. Here’s one more:

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Following the tank moment, Jason Momoa came up on stage to present a couple awards with The Batman’s upcoming Catwoman and his own stepdaughter, Zoe Kravitz. But the tank was toned down with his velvet blazer back on from before. Take a look:

Jason Momoa and Zoe Kravitz at the Golden Globes 2020

(Image credit: (NBC))

Imagine if Jason Momoa had gone one stage full Aquaman? This isn’t the gun show! The jokers practically write thesmeves.. So, the tank was clearly not meant to be caught on camera and probably meant to be a behind-the-scenes moment the actor. Considering he was wearing a velvet blazer, it likely got uncomfortable – he was trying to adhere to the dress code, anyway.

Anyway, here’s to more of Jason Momoa’s biceps on television (he recently starred in Apple show See) and in the movies (he’ll return for Aquaman 2 in 2022)!

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