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House Hunters throuple HGTV

HGTV’s House Hunters had its first polyamorous couple looking for a home in the Wednesday, February 12, 2020 episode "Three's Not a Crowd in Colorado Springs." As anyone who didn't already know quickly learned, a trio in a romantic relationship is called a "throuple." The episode introduced Brian, Lori, and Geli as they looked for a home that suited their needs, as well as the needs of Brian and Lori's kids.

While a "throuple" was breakthrough for House Hunters, the episode itself was nowhere near as fascinating as the reaction to it.

Writer Roxane Gay is apparently a big House Hunters fan, and she and her fiancée Debbie Millman were intrigued by the new dynamic:

Several fans were fascinated by the throuple and applauded HGTV for including a "progressive" family dynamic on House Hunters:

Yes, so many tweets mentioned being ready to go to sleep only to be woken up at the idea of watching three people in a relationship. The term "throuple" was confusing to a lot of fans, but some viewers appreciated the opportunity to educate:

A few fans had funny takes on adding a third person to the already complicated decision for couples on House Hunters:

Some viewers were not so pleased with following a trio:

A few fans were not happy to see a throuple normalized on TV:

Other fans just got sick of hearing the word "throuple" a million times:

Whether HGTV fans wanted a throuple normalized or not, it quickly became clear that this trio was just like every other couple on House Hunters -- maddeningly stubborn about petty things:

That might really be the quickest way to normalize any relationship: Put them on House Hunters and allow viewers to shake their heads at their insistence on granite countertops or ignoring their partner's long commute time. Suddenly, we can all relate.

Safe to say, HGTV got a lot of play out of adding a throuple to its House Hunters lineup. Hard to say whether it will gain more viewers from the choice or lose a few who were put off. I'm guessing the fascination level might lead more fans to check out this particular episode and maybe get hooked to watch whatever is on next. That's basically how HGTV works, and how I end up watching hours upon hours of Love It Or List It.


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