Game Of Thrones Actor Reveals What Jon Snow And Tormund (Probably) Did After The Finale

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When Game of Thrones concluded, Jon Snow was headed north of The Wall with Tormund and the Free Folk. Thankfully, Ghost was with them too, much to fans' relief! What did Jon Snow and Tormund do after they went North, though? Actor Kristofer Hivju has weighed in!

From the man who brought Game of Thrones fans word of an apparent secret ending comes speculation about what Jon Snow and Tormund did after the finale. It is not the Tormund and Ghost spinoff you may have been hoping for (and Kristofer Hivju previously seemed open to), but it is something!

Does Kristofer Hivju think Jon Snow and Tormund have found happiness north of The Wall? Is Jon smiling more than ever after the controversial finale? Has Tormund finally settled down? Or is he still nursing a broken heart over Brienne? Game of Thrones fans want and need to know! Hivju jokingly gave this update to EW:

Jon is in a huge depression, so he needs Tormund to cheer him up, by the fire, warming each other. [Laughs] Tormund is pretty heartbroken himself, so maybe they can bond over that.

Jon Snow and Tormund Giantsbane, both sad and heartbroken? How much heartache can one Game of Thrones fan take? At least they have each other! Jon being depressed would certainly not surprise me. He will presumably never see his family again after being banished. Arya did not even promise to visit!

In my mind, Arya has been back to visit Jon multiple times. How do you not visit the brother who gave you Needle? I like to think Jon has also found love and some form of happiness. After Game of Thrones’ finale, he certainly earned it.

As for Tormund, Kristofer Hivju describes him as “heartbroken.” Is he still mourning his non-relationship with Brienne? Poor Tormund! Brienne was devoted to Jaime and then chose a single life following his death. For his part, Jaime ultimately decided to stick with Cersei, and the results proved deadly by the time Game of Thrones ended.

Since Brienne is still out there, she could theoretically run across Tormund and finally get together with him post-finale, right? I sure want that to be the case. This is why fans need that Game of Thrones reunion to happen. Until then, I am still keeping my hope for Tormund/Brienne alive!

Brienne reuniting with Tormund could heal his heartbreak, and Jon Snow getting a visit from his family would presumably help his depression. Unfortunately, a Game of Thrones spinoff set post-finale confirming such developments seems to be out of the question right now.

I just remind myself about Patrick Stewart returning for Picard after all these years, and I keep hope alive something like that can happen with Game of Thrones. The good news is Game of Thrones is currently available to stream on HBO. Winter (and spring) premieres are still coming to television while you wait for the House of the Dragon spinoff!

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