Game Of Thrones Fans Celebrate Sophie Turner's Pregnancy With Sansa Stark Tributes

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Games of Thrones alum Sophie Turner is expecting her first child with Joe Jonas, and fans are out in droves to celebrate the good news. Turner played Sansa Stark from the very first episode of HBO's smash hit, and Sansa was one of the few surviving characters who actually got the ending she'd openly desired for quite a while. While fans may not have all been thrilled with how Thrones ended, everybody seems pretty happy that the Queen in the North is having a baby!

Sophie Turner actually suggested that Sansa Stark would never marry or have kids as Queen in the North after the end of Game of Thrones, but Turner herself is clearly another story. The actress tied the knot with Joe Jonas back in an informal ceremony in 2019, and reports sources stating Turner and Jonas are very excited. So, in honor of the good news that Sophie Turner is pregnant, check out some of the best reactions from Game of Thrones fans online!

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Is Sophie Turner Sansa Stark, first of her name, Queen in the North in real life? Of course not. Are fans nonetheless ready to pledge their swords and shields to celebrate Turner's pregnancy with Sansa tributes? 100%!

While Joe Jonas certainly deserves congratulations as well as the dad-to-be, the singer (who had to sign an NDA after spending time with Sophie Turner on the set of Game of Thrones' final season), Thrones fans are seemingly all about the Sansa actress:

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That not an inaccurate tweet, even if poor Joe Jonas was only named as one of the Jonas Brothers whereas Sophie Turner was addressed by Sansa's full title. It's also pretty funny, if you ask me. Good thing that person didn't refer to Sansa as "one of the Stark siblings!"

Although Sansa never sat on the Iron Throne, this gif chosen by another person on Twitter seems quite fitting in light of Sophie Turner's pregnancy:

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Sansa's throne may be in the North, but Game of Thrones fans seem ready to crown her on any throne she wants now that she's expecting a child.

While Sophie Turner's child presumably won't be born for some time (and hopefully not exposed to the world right away, based on some of Turner's previous comments), others are already pitching names for the youngster:

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Forget Joe Jonas (as Sophie Turner jokingly did when she reunited with Joffrey's actor at the Game of Thrones final season premiere party) as part of the name for his future child, according to that tweet! This person wants the baby named after either Sophie Turner's Game of Thrones character or Kit Harington's. Maybe it would be a different story if Jonas had appeared on Thrones a la Ed Sheeran!

For another person on social media, Joe Jonas already revealed what his daughter with Sophie Turner could look like if they have a girl:

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Oh, Joe Jonas dressed as Sansa for Halloween... will that image ever get old? Somewhat hilariously, Jonas dressed as Sophie Turner's character from Game of Thrones wasn't one half of a couples' costume. Turner showed up at the same party dressed like an elephant!

Basically, the prevailing reaction on social media after the news of Sophie Turner's pregnancy seems to be Game of Thrones fans expressing their happiness for the actress and her husband. In fact, this person on Twitter seems to sum up what most people are feeling:

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Neither Sophie Turner nor Joe Jonas has commented on Turner's pregnancy on social media at the time of writing, so Game of Thrones fans will have to wait and see if they release a public statement or choose to keep the pregnancy as private as possible. At least it's safe to say that a whole lot of people are happy for them now that they have a baby on the way!

Sophie Turner has already joined her first show since Game of Thrones, and it'll take a lot for her to reprise her role as Sansa if the opportunity arises. Her upcoming new show looks absolutely wild, to say the least! For some viewing options now and in the not-too-distant future, check out our 2020 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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