Bachelor Spoilers: Victoria F. Apologizes For WLM Photos Ahead Of Hometown Dates

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SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

Two days before The Bachelor 2020 airs Peter Weber's hometown dates, Victoria Fuller took to Instagram to apologize for her involvement with We Love Marlins (WLM), which led to her losing the Cosmo cover shoot she won with Bachelor Peter.

Peter Weber's The Bachelor 2020 finished filming back in November and spoiler-followers have been hearing about Victoria Fuller 's Bachelor drama since then. We're about to see her hometown dates "secrets" play out in the episode this Monday. We already saw her ex-boyfriend Chase Rice perform on a date. And we saw her win the Cosmo modeling date with Bachelor Peter, only for Cosmo to decide not to post the cover because of Victoria F.s past modeling for We Love Marlins. The WLM messaging closely resembles White Lives Matter imagery, including a shirt with an image looking like a Confederate flag.

That Cosmo date episode aired on February 3 but it was February 15 when Victoria F. posted this apology note to her Instagram Stories:

The Bachelor Victoria Fuller apologizes for WLM modeling photos

As Victoria F. noted, she intended to support an endangered species, she does not support the White Lives Matter movement, and she never wanted to "add fuel to the racial fire in this country" by modeling clothes with racially charged messaging:

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Why now? The timing does seem to match hometown dates. Spoilers suggest one of Bachelor Peter Weber's ex-girlfriends comes forward with backstory about Victoria F., since they knew each other in Virginia Beach. The same woman spoke out to Us Weekly and didn't say anything too damning. however, Reality Steve said women have alleged things about Victoria F. being manipulative and a homewrecker. (I said it before and I'll say it again: If fans are going to give Bachelor Peter the benefit of the doubt, or "grace," when one of his ex-girlfriends came forward with allegations about his behavior, maybe they should also wait for proof before attacking Victoria F.)

Back in November, when Reality Steve's reports were coming out, Victoria F. took to Instagram to say the rumors were false but she would wait for the right time and place to defend herself.

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While Victoria F. is fielding drama from people off the show, she seems to be getting backup from other The Bachelor Season 24 bachelorettes, including Hannah Ann Sluss. Spoilers suggest Peter dumps Victoria F. during hometowns but she returns and he takes her back, only to send her home after the overnight dates in Australia. There's a lot of crazy drama ahead as Bachelor Peter approaches his mysterious ending, including a big Madison twist.

What will happen with Victoria F.? I'm hoping she speaks out on everything during "The Women Tell All" special, which traditionally airs between the overnight/fantasy suite dates and the finale. So far, she seems to be getting a raw deal from the show. She has no actual connection with Peter Weber, but that doesn't mean she deserves to have so much extra dating drama brought onto the show. I mean, if she had a boyfriend waiting back home the whole time, I'd say it's fair game, like Wrong Reasons Jed. In terms of the Cosmo thing? I didn't like that WLM modeling either, so I'm glad she at least made her intentions and position clear. It has nothing to do with dating Peter, but it does reflect her character.

The Bachelor 2020 continues Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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