Bachelor Spoilers: All The Hometown Dates Drama Ahead For Peter's Final 4

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SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

The Bachelor 2020 is ready for Peter Weber's hometown dates next Monday, February 17. Bachelor Peter has shown that he's not great at making decisions, or sticking with decisions. He's pretty easily influenced by people around him and then changes his mind. We saw that with The Alayah Drama and spoilers suggest we're going to see it again during hometowns with The Victoria F. Drama.

Victoria Fuller already had drama on screen with her ex-boyfriend Chase Rice -- but that was not her fault. (Her drama off-screen with Cosmo? A different story.) In this case, it sounds like one of the many, many women Bachelor Peter has dated in his past comes forward with warnings about Victoria F.

Reality Steve followed Bachelor Peter's Season 24 filming from September to November 2019. The hometown dates were filmed in late October and early November. Peter's final four are Madison Prewett, Hannah Ann Sluss, Victoria Fuller, and Kelsey Weier.

Madison Prewett's hometown date in Auburn, Alabama was filmed first, but it may not be shown first. She apparently has some drama that might be prescient because her father -- an Auburn men's basketball team coach -- does NOT give his blessing for Peter to marry Madi. (Smart man. And I would say that about any Bachelor. It's been two months! You've had two dates!)

As Reality Steve has already spoiled, Bachelor Peter's final two are Madison and Hannah Ann. Steve hasn't confirmed anything past the final two, other than to say Peter does not have a "normal ending" where he dumps one woman and picks/gets engaged to the other.

Will Madi's father not giving his blessing come into play with Bachelor Peter's mysterious -- and possibly live -- finale? We've seen that Madison is very religious and she's said to also be a virgin. Peter is very much not a virgin and he is not a person of very strong faith. He might even like her more than she likes him. She is only 23, but so is Hannah Ann.

(Madison reminds me so much of Katherine Schwarzenegger, who recently married Chris Pratt. Anyone else see that? From looks to faith. She's looking for her own Chris Pratt. Is it really Pilot Pete?)

The other major hometown dates drama is a lot more dramatic and it's connected to Victoria F. Bachelor Peter headed to Virginia Beach in late October and it sounds like things started OK but fell apart after the day portion of the date -- after maybe another concert curse -- and he never even met her parents.

What happened? According to Reality Steve, a woman named Merissa who dated Peter back in 2012 also knew Victoria F. approached him during the date. It was apparently during a time after Peter and Victoria were dancing, and Victoria F. might've been pulled away by producers for an interview. During that time away, Merissa reportedly approached Peter and told him some stuff about Victoria F. -- that she allegedly ruined marriages and was a liar and manipulator. Merissa doesn't make a move on Peter herself, she said she just thinks Peter is a great guy who deserves better than Victoria.

Frankly, I don't think Peter is that great a catch himself. He seems to have dated quite a large number of women, including that ex-girlfriend who spoke out during The Bachelorette to allege Peter dumped her to go on the show. So, without hard proof, if people are willing to give Peter the benefit of the doubt, they should do the same for Victoria F.

That said, it's pretty clear Victoria F. and Peter do not belong together. They may have physical chemistry, but their talks are awkward and seem to always get negative. That first concert date was a curse and the curse never actually lifted.

According to Steve, Bachelor Peter dumps Victoria before he even meets her parents. But that's not the end of the story!

Before Peter prepares to leave for Knoxville, Tennessee for Hannah Ann's hometown date, Victoria F. goes to his hotel room for a second chance. It must work, because she not only ends up part of the hometown rose ceremony, she gets through to overnight dates.

Who does NOT get through to the fantasy suite dates? Kelsey Weier. Bachelor Peter visited her last in Des Moines, Iowa, whether they show that date last or not. Kelsey may end up looking good by comparison to Victoria F. by this point, who knows, but the ChampagneGate queen will be eliminated before the show heads to Australia for the overnights and ending.

Australia is where the overnight/fantasy suite dates take place, as well as the final rose ceremony -- for whatever happens there with Chris Harrison's big news, etc. Why doesn't Bachelor Peter propose on finale night? Why won't fans see it coming? Was Jimmy Kimmel right about the ending? What will happen on the live "After the Final Rose" special? And who will be the next Bachelorette? (Vote in our poll here.) Oh -- and the latest news -- what's the story with Madison? Apparently she quits Peter's season but does he win her back by the "After the Final Rose" special?

The Bachelor 2020 continues Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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