Bachelor Spoilers: Hannah Ann Supports Victoria F. Amid Hometowns' Dating History Drama

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SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

The Bachelor 2020 has shown Peter Weber's bachelorettes attacking each other left and right. However, it sounds like real friendships did form on the show, and one lady getting a lot of support off-screen is dating history drama-magnet Victoria Fuller, who is about to be the center of a hometown dates disaster. One lady giving Victoria F. a lot of that support is Hannah Ann Sluss.

That's interesting, since Reality Steve's spoilers point to Victoria F., Hannah Ann, and Madison Prewett being Bachelor Peter Weber's final three. New spoilers changed the story for Madison, but did Hannah Ann and Victoria F. bond further by what happens?

Victoria F. has been tied to a lot of dating drama -- from her ex-boyfriend Chase Rice being invited to perform on her first date with Bachelor Peter, to everything coming up on the hometown dates this Monday, February 17 when Peter's ex-girlfriend Merissa Pence shows up to trash Victoria F. There's also the Cosmo drama with Victoria F. posing for photos that led to her cover being pulled.

And, frankly, all Victoria F. seems to do with Bachelor Peter is cry or fight with him. They don't really appear to get along. (I don't entirely blame her for that.) But she does seem to get along with his bachelorettes.

Case in point: Victoria F. has posted a few photos on Instagram that Hannah Ann has commented on. Here's a funny Bachelor-related pic from Victoria F. with comments from Hannah Ann:

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Hannah Ann commented on that with this sweet note, which got its own reply from Victoria F.:

Hannah Ann Sluss: Beautiful person inside and out. [heart emoji]Victoria Fuller: I love you always. [heart emoji]

A Bachelor fan weighed in on the womance and Hannah Ann appreciated it:

Fan: literally so cute how you guys are close and friends despite the situation !!!!! That’s why you guys are my all time favorites!Hannah Ann: wow so sweet of you!!

Victoria F. also mocked her own crying on The Bachelor 2020 with a very sexy photo that got supportive comments from several women on Bachelor Peter's season:

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Whatever people think of Victoria F. behind-the-scenes, she does seem to be tight with Peter's on-screen exes. Check out some of their comments to that photo:

• Hannah Ann: Workout routine??? Hehe I want yoooo bodyyyyyyy• Victoria F.: @hannahann_sluss only if you promise to swap faces after I send you it. Fair trade.• Hannah Ann: Hottest beach babe ?? ?? ?? love you v much!• Victoria Paul: but we did eat enough cheese fries on Thursday night to feed a small village• Victoria F.: @victorianpaul she’s still hungry sweetie• Lexi Buchanan: I’ll have whatever tf you’re having ily• Victoria F.: @lexibuchanan god ilysm. Frick!• Lexi: @vlfuller wanna SQUEEZE ya• Tammy Ly: exCUSE ME [heart eye emojis]• Victoria F.: tam tam [heart]

At least Victoria F. still has a lot of friends from The Bachelor 2020 after filming! ABC is about to air her roller coaster ride with Bachelor Peter Weber over hometowns, but she does reportedly join the team in Australia for overnight/fantasy suite dates before being eliminated.

During hometowns, Peter's ex Merissa Pence, who is also an ex-friend of Victoria F. in Virginia Beach, comes forward to tell Peter stuff about Victoria. According to Reality Steve, Merissa alleges Victoria F. is a liar and manipulator who has ruined marriages. However, when talking to Us Weekly, Merissa said Victoria F. was self-centered and acted crazy, but there was nothing alleging she's a home-wrecker. So I'm not sure what she really said or what we'll really hear on Monday's show.

At any rate, Peter confronts Victoria F. about what he heard and apparently breaks up with Victoria during their hometown date before even meeting her parents. But Victoria F., for whatever reason, decides to come back and try again -- despite having no serious connection with this guy -- and Peter takes her back. Kelsey Weier is sent home at hometowns instead. (Will that help Kelsey's chances of being the Bachelorette? People tend to love whoever gets their heartbroken late in the season.)

What's interesting to me is that, according to Reality Steve, Hannah Ann and Victoria F. both have sex with Bachelor Peter during the fantasy suite dates, and either both or one of them tells Madison. That is reportedly key to Madison quitting the show, which could change the entire ending -- not that we know the ending yet.

Do you think Victoria F. and Hannah Ann bonded over being dumped by Peter -- Victoria F. after overnight dates and Hannah Ann over the Madison drama, if that's what happens? Guess we'll find out.

The Bachelor 2020 airs hometown dates this Monday, February 17 at 8 p.m. ET, then we have overnight/fantasy suite dates in Australia; the "Women Tell All" special, which should be quite something; then a two-night finale with a mysterious abnormal ending where Peter does not get engaged -- but he might be dating Madison right now. (Unless he's really with Hannah Ann, as Jimmy Kimmel predicted.)

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