The Walking Dead Has Us Worried About Jerry In Midseason Premiere Exclusive Clip

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The Walking Dead is only days away from returning for the second half of Season 10 after nearly three months of hiatus, and the midseason finale back in November ended on a killer cliffhanger. The final moments of that episode left Daryl, Carol, Aaron, Kelly, Connie, Magna, and the always lovable Jerry stuck in a cave surrounded by what looked like hundreds of zombies. Alpha lured them there, seemingly to die awful deaths, and fans have been waiting and waiting to find out if they all survive.

Hiatus doesn't officially end until the midseason premiere, called "Squeeze," on February 23, but an exclusive sneak peek of the episode has us worried about good old Jerry. Take a look:

Based on this clip, it's no wonder the Season 10 midseason finale is called "Squeeze," of all things! The sneak peek shows Jerry stuck in what looks like a mostly vertical tunnel in the cave, with zombies snarling below him and Daryl desperately trying to pull him to safety from above.

All the squeezing he could manage wasn't enough to give him the room to shimmy up to his friends, and Daryl can only pull so hard. Will Jerry be able to remove enough gear to give himself more room and make it to safety, or will Alpha's trick to lure them into the cave be the death of Jerry?

Honestly, the passage looks tight enough that it's somewhat surprising everybody else could make it through. No wonder Jerry got stuck in all his layers! At least he wasn't wearing shorts or sandals when he ran into the cave, and it looks Daryl and Aaron are making progress on pulling Jerry up when the footage ends.

Fans will likely have to wait until the midseason premiere airs to find out what exactly happens to Jerry and all the rest, and how the survivors make it out of the cave. They seemed pretty thoroughly trapped in the final moments of the midseason finale. If they didn't already have enough reasons to despise Alpha, this trap is yet another!

Fortunately, the wait for the midseason premiere is almost over. "Squeeze" debuts as the first episode of the second half of Season 10 on Sunday, February 23 at 9 p.m. ET ahead of the Season 5 premiere of Better Call Saul, which will presumably feature fewer zombies.

Of course, the Walking Dead midseason finale back in November 2019 ended on more shockers than just Alpha luring Carol into the cave, prompting Daryl and the rest to chase after her. Dante was brutally killed in the episode, although few probably mourned his death after what he did to Siddiq.

Were those deaths the precursors to more characters dying in the midseason premiere, or will all those in the cave miraculously survive? Find out with the return of The Walking Dead on February 23 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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