Bachelor Spoilers: Madison Should 'Dump That Loser' Peter Weber, According To Charles Barkley

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A lot has been said about this season of The Bachelor with Peter Weber. Fans are annoyed by how much drama many of the women have stirred up, but are also especially disappointed in many of the baffling decisions that Peter has made when trying to find his future wife. Some have gone so far as to suggest that the whole season be scrapped so that we can start over, but basketball legend Charles Barkley has another idea, mostly when it comes to Madison Prewett, who's one of Peter's final three women: "Dump his ass!"

If you haven't been following along with The Bachelor this season (in which case, bless your heart for spending your Monday nights in more constructive ways), you will likely be wondering why an NBA superstar would be so invested in whether or not Madison stays with Peter. Well, during hometown dates last week, Peter visited Madison's hometown of Auburn, Alabama, where they had some fun going through basketball drills at Auburn University's arena. First, though, Auburn alum Charles Barkley appeared on the big screen to warn Peter to treat his fellow alum right.

During the moment, Madison, who plays basketball and who's dad is AU's director of basketball operations, appears to have to tell Peter who Charles Barkley is. As you might imagine, Barkley was none too pleased with Peter's seeming lack of knowledge about his VIP status, so when The Bachelor was brought up on Inside the NBA last night, he was pretty quick to offer Madison his sage advice. Take a look:

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What can I say? One should never annoy an NBA legend like Charles Barkley. Really, Peter, you should know better! Of course, large swaths of Bachelor Nation have been saying this about most of Peter's decisions all season long, so, why should this be any different?

If you didn't notice in the clip above, the host brought up the subject of The Bachelor because some of Auburn's men's basketball team was in attendance, along with Madison's dad, who was quite pleased when Barkley announced that he thought Madison should "Dump that loser!"

From what we know of spoilers from The Bachelor and what we've seen in the trailers for the next episode, it looks like Charles Barkley (and, let's be honest, Madison's dad) might get his wish. During the meet-the-family portion of Peter and Madison's hometown, her dad asked Peter nicely, but very firmly, to be 100% sure about his feelings for Madison before saying he was in love, because it would be a big deal for his daughter to hear that from Peter.

Obviously, in what appeared to be just a few minutes, Peter told Madison he was "head over heals in love" with her, which her dad would know right now if he's been watching the show. Madison's dad will also know that Peter told Hannah Ann he was in love with her during her hometown visit, and if he's seen the promos for next week, that Peter will declare himself to be in love with all three women left.

Now, here's where the potential dumpage by Madison could come in. She hasn't told Peter that she's in love yet, and it's obviously because she's not totally sure their values line up. Madison is very religious and waiting to have sex until she's married. Peter, meanwhile, famously had sex four times in a windmill with Hannah Brown during The Bachelorette last year, when they weren't even engaged to each other. The fantasy suite dates will lead to Madison telling Peter that she can't continue on the show if he has sex with any of the other ladies, but he did, and has to tell her that.

Spoilers indicate that Peter actually had sex with both Victoria and Hannah Ann, and that Madison will hear that directly from them, probably before her fantasy suite date, so that she feels the need to confront Peter about his sexytimes. The commercials for the episode make it look like she'll decide to dump Peter when he confirms her suspicion that he's been throwing wang all over town.

I have a lot of questions about why Madison would go on The Bachelor if she'd rather her potential intended didn't have sex with others while they were trying to figure out their relationship, but, if this is her rule, at least the girl is gonna stick to it. Possibly...Good luck Madison. Maybe we'll see you on The Bachelorette!

We won't know for sure that Madison dumped Peter and wasn't convinced to give him another shot until The Bachelor wraps up in a few weeks, so be sure to watch every Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. Stick with CinemaBlend for the latest in Bachelor Nation, and to see what else you can watch on TV in the coming weeks!

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