Bachelor Spoilers: What Happens In Fantasy Suite Overnight Dates For Peter Weber's Final 3

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MAJOR SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

Bachelor Peber Weber's roller coaster season is about to hit a downward slide. Just kidding! It's been down the whole time. But it sounds like The Bachelor 2020 overnight dates/fantasy suites will mark a return of Windmill Pete's sex drive to the detriment of his relationship with one frontrunner -- maybe even the love of his life? Sounds melodramatic, but I'm hoping Season 24 actually does turn into a roller coaster and the incline comes after the finale if Bachelor Peter and Madison end up together. That part is just my hope, though!

The Bachelor 2020 hometown dates ended with Madison Prewett, Hannah Ann Sluss, and Victoria Fuller as Bachelor Peter Weber's final three. That's after Peter sent home Victoria F. and then took her back, ultimately sending Kelsey Weier home.

The overnight dates episode was filmed in November 2019 but will air February 24, 2020. Both the overnight dates and final rose ceremony were held in Australia, which should be beautiful to see. And also ugly because of the romantic drama. The fantasy suites episode should end with Victoria F. being eliminated at the overnight dates rose ceremony. (Update: According to updated spoilers, the episode will end just before the rose ceremony and we'll only see Victoria F. eliminated the next week, at the start of the "Women Tell All" special on March 2. Sneaky!)

Here's the thing, though: According to Reality Steve's spoilers, Peter does have sex on the overnight dates with Victoria F. and Hannah Ann. Madison already told Peter by then that if he sleeps with someone else, it'll be hard for her to move forward. He knew that, so he had a choice to make during fantasy suites. However, it sounds like she didn't specify that she's a virgin saving herself for marriage until the dinner part of her own date with Peter. That's when he admits he had been intimate with other women.

That upsets Madison, and she walks away and cries and Bachelor Peter consoles her. The episode will probably end with it looking like Madison will quit -- and reportedly Madison does quit, but that supposedly happens after Victoria F. leaves, so it wouldn't air until finale week. When the WTA episode starts and we see the overnight dates rose ceremony, Madison does eventually return and that's how Victoria F. goes home. Otherwise I guess he would've had a final two of Victoria F. and Hannah Ann.

The details are still hazy, but it's possible if/when Madi left the show it threw Peter's finale for a loop and that's tied to why he did not have a "normal ending."

It's not like you HAVE to have sex in the fantasy suites. Bachelor Colton Underwood was a virgin and virginity isn't exactly a dirty word, but Peter is so sex-positive he's basically a poster boy for condoms. We know Bachelor Peter had sex four times in a windmill with Bachelorette Hannah Brown, and the delight of his parents at that news basically showed his upbringing on the subject. No judgment here, it's just very different from Madison's more conservative upbringing. That was destined to clash, and it sounds like it does after the overnight dates. (It can't help that Madison's father didn't give his blessing. Her whole family must seriously wonder why she went on The Bachelor at all.)

The Bachelor fantasy suites promo socks ABC

Reality Steve originally said that Madison learns from Victoria F. and Hannah Ann that Bachelor Peter had sex with both of them. He later updated that that's not the case. Madi seems to get the news, or something like it, from Bachelor Peter during their dinner talk.

Remember, the episode between The Bachelor overnight dates and the finale is "The Women Tell All." I knew they would want Victoria F. there, and I'm sure the overnight dates episode will end with a very dramatic preview of the "Women Tell All" drama -- although they'll have to leave out the parts with Victoria F. until airing her exit at the start of the March 2 WTA episode. The WTA should also give us a great finale promo teasing what happens with Madison. And bloopers. Always bloopers.

From here, it looks like a lot of The Bachelor 2020 finale drama in the full season preview is connected to Madison leaving -- if that spoiler even pans out, you never know what might change. Bachelor Peter's mom is probably talking about Madison when she says God put her in his life for a reason and he should go bring her home to us. But Chris Harrison's little update was reportedly not about Madison, so that's a whole other thing we need to hear about.

There are still a lot of mysteries to the finale itself, and even more about what might happen next. Madison was spotted filming something with The Bachelor team and it was reportedly not connected to The Bachelorette. It's still possible Bachelor Peter ends up with Hannah Ann. There has been no confirmation that Peter is with Madison, although Reality Steve did say he thought Peter and Madison were dating right now but not engaged. Steve said he'd probably share his take on the ending this Tuesday, February 25, the day after the overnights. He seems finally ready to go on the record with a take on what happens. (Will it match Jimmy Kimmel's take or Tiffany Haddish's take ... or neither?)

ABC's The Bachelor hometown dates promo ended with another look at the finale, this time with a mix of new and recycled images and voice-over. In addition to Peter's mom doing her speech again, here are some things we see that could be key in the overnight and finale episodes:

Madison: If he sleeps with anybody else, it's going to be hard for me to continue to move forward.Voice-over from someone, maybe Victoria F.: You gave him an ultimatum and, I'm sorry, it's disgusting.Peter on date with someone: I don't want this to feel like it's all about sex, but six days prior I was intimate with someone else.Hannah Ann outside in a dress: I'm at a loss for words, I just don't know what to do.Peter voice-over: How do you just walk away, just give up...?

Watch that promo here:

There are a lot of question marks about The Bachelor 2020 finale, so we'll have to keep looking for updates and keep an open mind for things to change. It's exciting! I do hope Bachelor Peter is happy right now, and he does seem to be. I hope even more that Madison and Hannah Ann are happy, and I also wish the best for Victoria F. after this mess of a season.

Here's hoping The Bachelorette 2020 has a smoother ride on the love front, though, since one common refrain about this season is that there's too much fighting and drama vs. romance. Some of that has to be tied to the young age of the cast and possibly too many competitive "pageant girls."

The Bachelor 2020 hometowns aired February 17, then overnights on February 24, then "The Women Tell All" on March 2. Then we should get a two-night finale from March 9-10, including an "After the Final Rose" special that may give us live updates on Bachelor Peter and his Chosen One.

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