Netflix's Love Is Blind Star Let Her Dog Drink Wine During Wild Conversation

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Love Is Blind is stirring up all kinds of emotions for people who've been watching the three week event on Netflix. The show focuses on singles looking for love, but has them all date and try to form deep bonds without ever looking at each other. After the couples get engaged, which happens in just a few days, only then are they allowed to meet face-to-face. As you might imagine, this also brings up a lot of feelings for the singles involved, and one deep discussion on the show happened while a woman let her dog sip some wine, so, you know, I think we need to talk about this.

OK, let's set this up just a bit for those of you who have not yet been indoctrinated to the powers of Love Is Blind. As mentioned earlier, several singles went to live in a specially created bunker (my word) so that they could try to find their future husband or wife. The women stay on one side and the men stay on the other, but they meet in the middle every day for dates in pods (the show's word) where they can converse and get to know one another, but without actually seeing each other.

In about 10 days, we have six couple who are engaged and get to go to a fancy resort to see if they can hit it off physically and match the emotional connection they already have. They also now have a few weeks to plan their wedding, sort out any lingering issues and meet each other's families, so there's a lot going on in a short period. During this speedy courtship, all of the couples have ups and downs as they try to quickly figure out how to merge their lives, and Mark and Jessica are no different. Mark needs to have serious words with Jessica, and this is what happens:

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I have. So. Many. Questions! While I have been watching Love Is Blind and enjoying it, I have not yet spied with my personal eyes this particular episode, but word on the street (Twitter) is that Jessica was worried that something is actually wrong with Mark because he's too emotionally available (I will need a whole separate article to dissect that mess), so, in the above clip, Mark is trying to reassure his odd bride-to-be that he's just peachy. You know, as she lets her dog drink from her wineglass!

I mean, what in the actual hell is going on, Jessica? I know you like to use two totally different voices and all (Again, I'll need a separate article to pull that particularly sticky bit of monkey bread apart.), but why the wine? Yes, sure, we see that your dog apparently "loves wine," but how did you even figure that out? Was it an accident or did you think it was cute to booze up your faithful fluffy friend? Does she only drink from your glass, or do you spike her water bowl with a bit of vino as well?

Does this doggo enjoy all the alcohols? If Love Is Blind continued to follow Jessica and Mark, might we see her let this very good girl imbibe beer, bourbon, vodka, gin, tequila or cognac? What about a wine cooler? Wait, Jessica, you haven't answered all my questions! What about Bartles & Jaymes? Would your dog like a watermelon mint Bartles & Jaymes?!

Well, I guess Jessica's not going to tell us, so we'll just have to keep watching Love Is Blind (opens in new tab) to see if we get any more answers. Most of Season 1 is ready for viewing on Netflix right now, with the final episode, which will feature the weddings (or ultimate breakups), landing on February 27. For more on everything else you can watch on the small screen, check out our 2020 premiere guide and Netflix schedule!

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