Wow, Shakira And Jennifer Lopez's Super Bowl Halftime Show Caused A Ton Of FCC Complaints

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Shakira and Jennifer Lopez's performance at the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show got a lot of people talking and some criticizing. In fact, it did not take long before someone wanted to sue the NFL over the duo’s show. It turns out that is not where the complaints ended. Quite a few people have sent complaints to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

TMZ reports that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s halftime performance during the 2020 Super Bowl garnered 1,312 FCC complaints. The complaints sampled in the report seem to center around viewers concerned for the children who watched. In other words, the family friendliness of the duo’s routine.

To put the number of complaints in perspective (1,312 to the FCC), 136 million people have watched the duo’s performance on YouTube. Now add all of the viewers that watched the Super Bowl live. By comparison, not a lot of people have complained. Out of 136+ million, only 1,312 have written formal complaints.

To be fair, there might have been other people who were upset and did not write the FCC to complain. However, those upset appear to be a relatively small number of those who watched Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl halftime show.

For her part, Jennifer Lopez previously slammed the “silliness” surrounding the criticism of her and Shakira’s Super Bowl routine, a lot of which has stemmed from concerns surrounding its “family friendliness.” Lopez argued that both her and Shakira are mothers and are, therefore, “conscious” of the performances they do. She added that she would not let the small number of those who reacted negatively in.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl halftime show gave a showcase to both artists with Shakira starting first. The multi-talented singer and songwriter wowed the crowd with a medley of her hits before Lopez took the stage to perform a variety of her own hits. The two eventually shared the stage toward the end of the 14-minute plus performance.

Among the things cited in the 1,312 complaints to the FCC was Jennifer Lopez’s pole dancing, which she incorporated into her Super Bowl routine after working on it for her hit movie Hustlers. Lopez showed off her abilities during the halftime show, and some were more enthusiastic about it than others.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s halftime performance was not the only source of complaints when it came to the 2020 Super Bowl. Some watching the game on Hulu Live had issues streaming it. For those who did get to see it, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s performance continues to be talked about. Yes, even if this latest round of news is about the FCC complaints.

Keep this in mind. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez did not get paid for their Super Bowl halftime performance, as is the case when it comes to halftime show performers. In the end, their show garnered 1,312 FCC complaints from a 136+ million audience. In a related stat, the YouTube video currently has over 2.7 million likes and 154,000 dislikes. It seems like the positive continues to outweigh the negative.

You can watch Shakira and Jennifer Lopez in an array of movies currently streaming. While you wait to see who will follow their incredible Super Bowl Halftime show, you can watch with this winter and spring’s premieres.

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