Hawaii Five-0's Meaghan Rath Already Has Her Next TV Show Lined Up At CBS

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It has been a rough few weeks for Hawaii Five-0 fans. In a shocking twist, CBS announced that the long-running procedural is coming to an end, which means the cast has to figure out what is next. Meaghan Rath has done just that. The actress, who has played Officer Tani Ray since Season 8, has already lined up her next TV pilot.

Meaghan Rath has signed up for Jury Duty, per TVLine. Based on the title, it sounds like the pilot for an intense drama. In a surprising detour from Hawaii Five-0, however, Jury Duty is actually a comedy. It follows a group of sequestered jurors as they try to agree on a verdict.

Apparently, they are struggling to agree on almost everything! Who will Meaghan Rath be playing? The Hawaii Five-0 star has come aboard the pilot as a “successful book editor” named Jen. Rath’s Jen is said to be “sarcastic, adorably neurotic and a little controlling.” Interesting. She sounds like a fun character, in my opinion!

Jen’s vision of herself is said to differ a bit from reality. While she thinks she is low maintenance, Jen is actually the exact opposite. She is also facing an issue many can undoubtedly relate to. Meaghan Rath’s Jen is single in a sea of married couples with children.

Hawaii Five-0 fans have had to anxiously await the latest development in Tani and Junior’s relationship. As Jen, Meaghan Rath will not be dealing with a will-they or won’t-they scenario. She is single and ready to mingle. The question is if fans will get to see Rath in action as Jen, so they can see how that side of her life unfolds. Jury Duty is in the pilot stage.

It is a similar situation with Julie Bowen’s new TV project. After finishing her run on Modern Family, she also signed up for a CBS comedy pilot. Time will tell if Jury Duty gets called up for a series order.

For Hawaii Five-0 fans, it is quite a bit of hope that while the show is ending, its stars will continue to be seen on TV. The ending news is still sending shockwaves as McDanno fans have been left incredibly upset by the news. Will fans of the Tani/Junior pairing get the happy ending they desire?

There are still a lot of question marks, including the fate of Meaghan Rath’s next project. For now, fans have the bittersweet finale of Hawaii Five-0 finale to look forward to. MacGyver alum Lance Gross will be starring in the series finale in a storyline that should be action-packed. The spinoff-worthy storyline will also feature the star of the original star of Walker, Texas Ranger himself – action icon Chuck Norris.

What will happen to Meaghan Rath’s Tani on Hawaii Five-0? Will her pilot get picked up? There is a lot to stay tuned for. If it gets picked up, it will be interesting to see how Jury Duty continues its storyline beyond a single episode. Jury duty does not last forever. Stay tuned!

New episodes of Hawaii Five-0 air Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. The series finale airs on April 3. In the wake of losing the long-running procedural, be sure to check out this winter and spring’s premieres to help.

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