Hawaii Five-0 Added Action Icon Chuck Norris For Series Finale, Which Sounds Perfect For A Spinoff

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Hawaii Five-0 is ending way too soon, but it will not be going out without a round-house kick to your heart box. Action icon Chuck Norris has been added to the intrigue set to comprise the series finale. You better brace yourself, because what the CBS series has planned sounds perfect for a spinoff!

Chuck Norris will be checking into Hawaii Five-0 just in time for viewers to say goodbye to the long-running procedural. TVLine reports that Norris will be guest-starring in Hawaii Five-0’s series finale as Lee Phillips. Wait for it! He is a retired sergeant major. What is bringing Norris’ Lee onto the show?

Lee arrives to help his mentee, Lincoln Cole. His purpose is to aid in hiding Lincoln from authorities to “protect his anonymity.” It is important to note that Chuck Norris’ character trained Lincoln. If you think this plot sounds primed to launch a Hawaii Five-0 spinoff, you are not the only one, because it seems ready-made for just such a thing.

As previously revealed, MacGyver alum Lance Gross will be coming onto Hawaii Five-0 to play Lincoln. Gross played Billy Colton for a multi-episode arc on MacGyver. His Hawaii Five-0 character, Lincoln, was a Marine Gunnery Sergeant who worked with the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team. Between Gross’ Lincoln and Chuck Norris’ Lee, it sounds like a spinoff dream!

Fans are still reeling from the news that Hawaii Five-0 is ending. The bombshell announcement left minimal time for viewers to mourn the show before it wraps up at the end of this season. Hawaii Five-0’s series finale is set to happen towards the beginning of April. News of Chuck Norris arriving for the final farewell should be some comfort.

Not too long ago, Hawaii Five-0 made fans dream of an Easter egg-laden Magnum P.I. crossover come true. Showrunner Peter M. Lenkov also spoke positively about Hawaii Five-0’s longevity. Fast forward, and the show is ending, albeit armed with Chuck Norris to help bid it farewell. One dream realized, another one crushed.

Chuck Norris is never too far away from pop culture’s consciousness, and in recent months, that has never been truer. Norris’ long-running drama Walker, Texas Ranger, is getting the reboot treatment with Jared Padalecki set to step into the cowboy boots that Norris once filled as Cordell Walker. Time will tell if Norris’ Hawaii Five-0 debut will be followed by a guest appearance on the reboot. For now, I would say chances look good.

Chuck Norris' foray back into television comes after a guest appearance on ABC’s The Goldbergs in 2015. If Hawaii Five-0 is setting up a spinoff with Norris and Lance Gross, though, fans will have to wait and see.

A guest appearance and a spinoff are two entirely different levels of commitment for Chuck Norris, but, without Hawaii Five-0, CBS will be missing a show in its Friday night line-up. You would think the Eye Network would be looking to find a replacement to make the transition come next fall. Why not launch a spinoff with the end of the original series?

Hawaii Five-0’s two-hour series finale airs Friday, April 3 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. To help heal the wound that is losing the long-running procedural, be sure to check out this winter and spring’s premieres.

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