Hooray! HBO Celebrates Westworld Season 3 Premiere By Giving Some Customers A Free Weekend

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Fans of HBO's major sci-fi mind-bender Westworld have been waiting for almost two years to get another season of the award-winning drama, but now the dawn cometh! This Sunday will see Westworld and its robot apocalypse come back to television with Season 3, and to celebrate, HBO is giving some cable customers a free weekend of both HBO and Cinemax.

According to FreePreview, this free weekend is open to those who subscribe to cable packages from Cox, as well as those with AT&T and Verizon FIOS. The preview weekend began today, and will run through Monday, March 16. It's possible that other cable providers have joined the free preview weekend since the news first became public, so be sure to check with your cable company to see if it's taking part in the offer.

While free previews for HBO, Cinemax and other premium cable channels come around every now and then, this is a perfect weekend to make such an offer available. People have been buzzing about Season 3 of Westworld since Season 2 wrapped up with a wild finale in late June 2018. And, a lot will be changing for the show and its dangerously intriguing characters once it debuts.

The first trailer appeared during San Diego Comic-Con last summer, and while it gave us a very good look at what we could expect from the new season (Maeve fighting Nazis! Aaron Paul! The real world...maybe!), we got some even better hints of the action ahead from the trailer that was released near the end of February. I am consistently confused about what's going on with Westworld, but that trailer still gave all kinds of good chills, so I can't imagine that anyone who's into the show won't be eager to check it out on Sunday night.

Season 3 of Westworld, which has been dubbed "The New World" by the showrunners, will follow Dolores as she makes her way through the real world, allies herself with some humans and tries to destroy humanity for the way they treated the former park host and her sisters and brothers in roboticism while they were trapped there. A lot of things were revealed (and completely dismantled) by the previous season, but, of course, there are still a ton of questions to be answered and more shocks, twists and devious turns ahead.

Reviews of Westworld's new season have already started to come in, and while we all know that nothing a critic says is really going to stop a true fan from continuing with the frequent mind-fuckery that is this show, the consensus was pretty mixed. It sounds like we can expect Westworld to continue to look fabulous, but the show may have lost some of its spark by being taken out of the park. That is, providing that the world we see Dolores in is truly the real world, and not another park meant to give guests a hit of an idealized future.

At least it seems like more people can check out Westworld now that a free preview weekend is upon us. As long as you check with your local cable provider before the premiere at 9 p.m. EST, this Sunday, March 15, you'll be able to tap in. In the meantime, be sure to check out what else you can watch with our 2020 premiere guide!

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