Hawaii Five-0's Danny Is A Bloody Mess In Intense McDanno Series Finale Images

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The end is nigh for Hawaii Five-0 on CBS, but the good news is that it was not one of the shows with production halted due to the coronavirus. While Hawaii Five-0's two-part series finale is already completed and scheduled to start on March 27, fans shouldn't count on nothing but nostalgia in McGarrett and Danny's final on-screen adventure together. Images from the series finale have hit the web, and they reveal Danny quite literally a bloody mess and McGarrett looking pretty upset about it. Oh, that McDanno bond!

But first, how do they get to the point of Danny potentially bleeding to death in front of McGarrett's eyes? The official episode descriptions courtesy of CBS have some intriguing teases to tide fans over until the finale. In the first half of the two-parter (which will include none other than Chuck Norris), Danny will be attacked by somebody willing to kill to steal the posthumous letter McGarrett receives from his mom that contains a cypher.

In the second half, Danny is abducted and badly wounded by the person after the cypher. McGarrett will seemingly solve the case his dad left him all those years ago, but will Danny be alive to help him? Take a look at some images that will likely leave fans concerned about Danny in the Hawaii Five-0 series finale:

McGarrett will evidently be the one to find Danny after he was abducted and wounded. Between the look on McGarrett's face, Danny's bloody shirt, and the pool of blood already on the floor, it's probably safe to say that Danny is in serious danger of death.

In true McDanno spirit, the duo evidently won't just wait up in that room for paramedics to arrive and take Danny to the hospital, despite all the blood and Danny not seeming all that mobile. Check them out:

All things considered, Danny doesn't look all that bad in this picture, compared to when he was lying in a pool of his own blood on the floor. McGarrett seemingly put some pressure on the wound and is supporting Danny, but Danny is upright, conscious, and hasn't lost his gun. That said, he doesn't look especially alert, which may be part of why McGarrett looks so desperate.

Fans will have to wait for the finale to find out how Danny gets to the hospital, but McGarrett seemingly won't leave his side until he has to:

Keep holding that pressure, McGarrett! I've seen enough TV over the years to guess that this scene ends with Danny being rushed through double doors to surgery while McGarrett waits outside for news, still covered in Danny's blood. That said, Hawaii Five-0 could surprise me. Either way, Hawaii Five-0 isn't ending without delivering some classic McDanno drama, hopefully followed by a touching reunion fit for a finale.

It would definitely be a bummer if Hawaii Five-0 ended after ten years with one half of the McDanno partnership dead after the other half found him bleeding on the floor. Find out when the two-part series finale of Hawaii Five-0 kicks off on Friday, March 27 at 9 p.m. ET and wraps on Friday, April 3 at 9 p.m. ET, on CBS.

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