CBS Just Changed Up Hawaii Five-0's Series Finale In A Way That Fans Might Like

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Despite its seeming longevity, CBS took fans by surprise when it announced that long-running procedural, Hawaii Five-0, would be ending with its current season. The finale was set to arrive via a two-hour series finale that was scheduled to air on Friday, April 3. Well, CBS has tweaked things in a way that fans might like.

What is this change? Instead of concluding with that two-hour finale, CBS will be splitting it over two weeks due to March Madness getting cancelled amid the coronavirus outbreak. The first half Hawaii Five-0’s series finale will now air on March 27 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS, per TVLine. Does this take the sting out of Hawaii Five-0 ending? Not necessarily.

Hawaii Five-0 will still say goodbye on Friday, April 3. The last episode will air at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. The news means that instead of the Eye Network packing the finale into a single night, fans will have two weeks to savor what is left. It is a move that CBS did not employ with at least one recent goodbye.

By announcing this, Hawaii Five-0 will not end the way Criminal Minds did last month. That long-running procedural called it with a two-hour finale that aired during a single night. Fans will now have a week to digest the first half of Hawaii Five-0’s series finale, which should be a lot to take in.

Hawaii Five-0 is set to say goodbye with action legend, Chuck Norris, along for the ride in a set-up that sounds ready-made for a spinoff. Norris is set to guest star as retired Sergeant Major Lee Phillips. Phillips arrives on the scene to help Lance Gross’ former Marine Gunnery Sergeant, Lincoln Cole. Norris’ character mentored Cole and is set to have his back in the series finale.

Between the announcement of MacGyver alum Lance Gross joining the show for the finale to Chuck Norris’ involvement, Hawaii Five-0 is clearly going all-out for the finish. The downside to the announcement of CBS spreading out the series ender is that the finale will now begin a whole week sooner.

I suppose it is all a matter of perspective. For his part, former Hawaii Five-0 star Daniel Dae Kim expressed his sadness over the show’s cancellation. Meanwhile, one current cast member has already found her next TV project. Meaghan Rath has signed on to star in the pilot for a CBS comedy.

Time will tell if fans get to see Meghan Rath return to the screen in the role. The definitive end of Hawaii Five-0 is in sight, but fans will have a little bit longer to say goodbye now.

New episodes of Hawaii Five-0 air Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS, with the last episode airing on April 3. In the wake of losing the long-time procedural, be sure to check out this winter and spring’s premieres to help you suss out your viewing options.

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