Surivor Spoilers: Two Edge Of Extinction Returnees May Have Been Revealed


Warning! The following contains spoilers for future episodes of Survivor: Winners At War. Read at your own risk!

Survivor: Winners At War is sending more and more past winners to the Edge of Extinction, and before too long, those occupants will get a chance to return to the game. Ahead of that, there's a supposed leak circulating the web that the two players making their way back into the game have been revealed.

Some fans may have assumed only one player would be returning to Survivor: Winners At War, though an interview from Jeff Probst ahead of the season with EW revealed winners would have "at least one" chance to return back to the game. It seems that either that one chance resulted in two returning players, or Survivor may have presented two separate opportunities for a return. In either case, here's who the rumor claims returns to the game.

Tyson Apostol Survivor: Winners At War CBS

Tyson Apostol

The first name revealed by is Tyson Apostol, who was voted out 5th on Day 11. He was able to sell an advantage he found on the island for a Fire Token, which is this season's currency to be used as a way of returning back to the game. Knowing he's likely behind others who arrived on the island before him, Tyson immediately spent his Fire Token on a massive jar of peanut butter, which he's been sneaking bites of when others on the island aren't watching.

Tyson's logic was that in getting the peanut butter, he would be giving himself extra nourishment that will help fuel him ahead of the upcoming challenge to return to the game. Provided this rumor is accurate, it looks like snagging that peanut butter was a good call, though there's no word on how long he'll stay in the game once returning.

Natalie Anderson Survivor: WInners At War CBS

Natalie Anderson

The leak also alleges there will be a second returning player, and that will be Natalie Anderson. Natalie was the first player eliminated from the game after Boston Rob convinced the tribe that she and Jeremy Collins were too close to let advance in the game. Natalie presently has the most Fire Tokens in the game, so her return wouldn't be too surprising.

The real question is whether anyone who returns from the Edge of Extinction will last long in Survivor: Winners At War upon re-entry. Obviously, voting out the players who newly returned makes would be easy for those still in the game, though that may be why Survivor has been letting players on the Edge of Extinction sell advantages. That could buy Natalie Anderson and Tyson Apostol some favor upon return, provided this rumor is legit.

Will these leaks turn out to be legit? Audiences can watch Survivor: Winners At War Wednesdays on CBS at 8:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend for more updates on the series, and for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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