Little Women: LA Star Christy McGinity Shares Heartbreaking News Of Daughter's Death

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Christy McGinity of Little Women: LA is mourning a terrible loss. The reality television star has shared the heartbreaking news that her infant daughter has died. The baby girl, named Violet Eva Carazo, was born prematurely. McGinity and boyfriend Gonzalo Justo Carazo shared the sad news and requested privacy in their trying time:

It is with our deepest sorrow that we send our baby girl Violet Eva Carazo to play with the angels. We were able to spend two weeks with our sweet baby girl and for that we are forever thankful. Please respect our privacy during this difficult time. Your thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated.

Little Women: LA's Christy McGinity gave birth to her daughter seven weeks prematurely, and McGinity's statement with Gonzalo Justo Carazo (via People) reveals they had two weeks with her before she sadly passed away. Violet Eva Carazo was born on March 6 when McGinity was 33 weeks pregnant. Shortly after the birth, McGinity's rep confirmed to People that the baby girl measured 15 inches and weighed just under four pounds.

Christy McGinity publicly announced her pregnancy back in September 2019 via Instagram, and she continued to chronicle her pregnancy on social media for her fans as the weeks passed.

Based on her posts, she suffered complications with the pregnancy in mid-February when she began feeling early contractions, and she later revealed she'd spent "a few days" in the hospital. She posted an image of her sonogram on March 3, then confirmed on March 10 she'd given birth to baby Violet Eva Carazo.

Her most recent post was a quick video on March 15, with boyfriend Gonzalo Justo Carazo signing the birth certificate in the hospital:

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Christy McGinity undoubtedly had a lot of people following her pregnancy thanks to her eight seasons on Lifetime's reality TV series Little Women: LA, which follows the lives of women with dwarfism in Los Angeles. The friendships between these women and their lives have kept viewers tuning in for more than 135 episodes so far, and McGinity is one of four members of the cast who have been around from the very first season.

The success of Little Women: LA resulted in the launch of a number of spinoff series, including Little Women: NY, Little Women: Atlanta, and Little Women: Dallas. Although NY and Dallas ran for only two seasons each, Little Women: Atlanta has been a hit, running for five seasons so far.

Little Women: LA can still claim to holding on to the most original stars from the very beginning, though. Although Lifetime may be best known for its original movies, Little Women: LA is proof that it has also found a winning formula with its reality TV offerings as well.

Hopefully Christy McGinity's fans will respect her request for privacy during this difficult time. Our thoughts here at CinemaBlend are with McGinity and her family.

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