Did This Is Us' Big Season 4 Finale Blow Up Lead To An Even Bigger Mistake?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the This Is Us episode "Strangers: Part Two." Read at your own risk!

This Is Us teased its Season 4 finale would feature a showdown between Randall and Kevin, but no tease could've prepared audiences for the verbal blasting each brother gave each other. Randall's was especially vicious, and I'm curious as to whether or not the biting words will lead to an even bigger mistake in Kevin's life. That mistake being his commitment to Madison, who only revealed she was pregnant with his baby moments before the second blow-up between the brothers.

Kevin paused after hearing Madison's reveal, only to step outside to go for Round 2 with Randall after learning that his brother more or less forced Rebecca to undergo treatment in St. Louis. The two really had it out, and while Kevin was plenty cutting with his remark that Randall's adoption was "the worst day of his life," Randall really went in with a kill. Randall told Kevin that Jack died ashamed of him, and that Kevin is incapable of committing to anything beyond going through the motions of what's expected.

Both brothers were equally devastated by the remarks, but it was Kevin who had to immediately go back inside and face the woman he had a one night stand with who was now pregnant. I think it's no coincidence that Kevin made a point to say he was "all in," especially when it seemed like even Madison understood Kevin was still into his first wife Sophie. Madison even told Kevin she was ready to raise the child on her own, but Kevin wanted to make it work. Perhaps more accurately, he wanted to prove Randall wrong.

This Is Us either set the stage for an unconventional love story, or for a tragic romance that in a roundabout way confirms Kevin is the person Madison and Randall claim he is. Kevin still has feelings for Sophie, and I fear it's no coincidence that the show cut to a brief scene of Sophie eyeballing a billboard of Kevin while walking down a street. It seemed like a clue she may not be out of the story, even though she was in a pretty serious relationship the last time fans saw her.

The flash-forward is no help in this instance. We've seen Kevin, his son, and Kevin interacting with his son, but no mother. This could mean that while Kevin and Madison agreed to have the child together, things didn't ultimately work out between them. These things happen of course, but with Kevin being so "all in," it sounds like Season 5 could be a rough one for him if this romance eventually flatlines without a fairy tale romance.

This Is Us is done for Season 4, so there's plenty of time to speculate on what will happen ahead of Season 5 on NBC. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on television in the meantime, and for a look at what's happening in the world of movies as well.

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