Today's Hoda Kotb Breaks Into Tears While Discussing Louisiana’s Covid-19 Crisis With Drew Brees

Hoda Kotb Today show, breaks down over COVID-19 crisis New Orleans, Drew Brees
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It’s been an overwhelming couple weeks, as drastic changes have continued to go into effect in a national effort to flatten the curve and stop the spread of COVID-19. Along with movie theaters closing down, various productions being delayed and Disney Parks extending its closures, sports seasons have been cancelled as well. During this trying time, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees recently donated $5 million to help feed Louisiana residents, and it left Today’s Hoda Kotb in tears.

Today interviewed Drew Brees on Friday following his announcement that he would be giving back to the community his football team represents. Since Hoda Kotb lived in New Orleans throughout the ‘90s, she was particularly touched to see the famed Louisiana city get some much-needed support during this global health crisis.

As Drew Brees told Hoda on Today, there are many small businesses in New Orleans, and many of them depend on a constant stream of tourists. With many people being asked to stay at home, business in the city isn’t able to thrive as usual. Brees’ donation of $5 million can bring a bit of relief to them, as the reported coronavirus cases have risen over to 3000, including 137 deaths. The Louisiana Department of Health also reports that there are 927 patients in Louisiana hospitals - 336 of which on ventilators.

Immediately following the interview, Hoda Kotb broke down in tears on the live broadcast, leading her co-host Savannah Guthrie to comfort her while broadcasting from a separate room. It was a raw moment that certainly shows how intense it can be to report about the pandemic 24/7. Check it out the full interview below:

The television moment garnered some supportive reactions from fans. Check out this one who could relate to Hoda:

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Here’s another commending her for showing her emotions. Journalists certainly are blessed to have jobs during this time, but it’s no easy feat to be constantly in the loop on the COVID-19 situation:

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It’s not easy when it hits close to home either. Drew Brees and Hoda Kotb talked about a range of issues going on right now in the six-minute interview. Brees' own coach Sean Payton tested positive for coronavirus, and Brees is stuck at home with his wife and four kids in San Diego abiding by California mandates. He talked about the possiblity of the football season being cancelled with hope things would be cleared up by then.

Sports seasons may be cancelled, but fans can pass the time by rewatching old Super Bowl games (including Drew Brees' 2009 Super Bowl win with the Saints) and tuning into ESPN’s programming.

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