Joe Jonas Joins Sophie Turner, Matthew McConaughey And More In Trailer For New Show Cup Of Joe

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Both as one third of the Jonas Brothers and as a solo artist, Joe Jonas is a best-selling musician, a heartthrob, an actor, a Voice mentor and more. But nothing from his career so far has been quite like the Grammy-nominated entertainer's upcoming travel TV show, quaintly titled Cup of Joe. In it, Jonas will spend time seeing the sights with such celebs as his wife and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, Matthew McConaughey and more.

Cup of Joe is set to be one of the many shows debuting on the short-form streaming service Quibi, which released the star-studded first trailer for Joe Jonas' new show. Check it out below!

As he puts it in the trailer, Joe Jonas is someone who has been all over the world as part of album tours and the like, and that kind of traveling doesn't allow for very much sight-seeing or getting to experience the joys that locals do. Luckily, that's where Quibi comes in, giving Jonas the fast-paced series Cup of Joe to spend some bonding time with...David flippin' Hasselhoff? Such is life for a Jonas brother, I guess.

Travel shows aren't exactly a TV novelty anymore, as lots of series based around food, thrill rides, and even motorcycles have been taking over the small screen for years. However, how many TV show hosts can say they went to Austin and had Matthew McConaughey show them around on camera? Stop making me jealous, Joe Jonas!

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As seen in the trailer, Joe Jonas is going to seven different cities to enjoy some food, some drinks, and some lovely attractions with other A-listers. He's hitting up New York City with SNL and 30 Rock vet Tina Fey, which apparently leads to Jonas taking a leap into the world of stand-up comedy open mics. Elsewhere in the U.S., he will team up with Jack Black to rock out across Los Angeles. Meanwhile, in London, Joe Jonas will enjoy a cup of tea (or whatever) with The Masked Singer judge Nicole Scherzinger.

The very first Cup of Joe episode features Joe Jonas heading to his beloved city of Amsterdam with wife and mother-to-be Sophie Turner by his side. Episode 2 will feature Jonas heading to Berlin to hang out with Scottish singer-songwriter Louis Capaldi and Baywatch vet David Hasselhoff. The third episode sets Joe alongside Nick and Kevin Jonas on a bike race and a cook-off in Barcelona, Spain. While I'm sure hanging with the bros and the Hoff was cool, he probably enjoyed Amsterdam with his honey the most.

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The first three episodes of Cup of Joe are available to stream on Monday, April 27, so they're out right now! Follow-up episodes will be released daily, so be sure to keep up! And if you need something else to look forward to in the coming weeks, head to our Summer 2020 TV premiere schedule.

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