Fox's Celebrity Watch Party Was Worth Watching For Ozzy Osbourne Alone

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Celebrity Watch Party season premiere. Read at your own risk!

With production on several scripted shows still shut down, Hollywood has gotten creative and developed new ways to continue making new content while people are confined in their homes. One of the latest projects, Celebrity Watch Party, has arrived on Fox and it's essentially watching celebrities watch popular television shows. That may sound stupid to some, but the first episode was actually much better than you'd think, and that's largely because of Ozzy Osbourne.

The legendary rocker showed he was television gold along with his kooky family in the reality series The Osbournes, and it turns out he still has what it takes to make the magic happen in 2020. Ozzy sat alongside his wife Sharon and daughter Kelly, and proceeded to be brutally honest about whatever Celebrity Watch Party had to show him. Things kicked off with The Masked Singer, where he was less than impressed with the reveal.

Mostly because he had no idea who Jackie Evancho was, despite her appearing on America's Got Talent when Ozzy's wife Sharon was a judge! Fans respected the honesty, and were glad they weren't alone in not knowing who The Masked Singer contestant was.

Ozzy Osbourne wasn't even able to fake interest for the camera at some points. He dozed off during Rupaul's Drag Race, and when questioned by Sharon about the performances of contests, he wasn't afraid to keep it real.

I don't think I can express enough how funny I think it is that Ozzy Osbourne chose to actively not watch a television show when he was literally on a television show to do that. Of course, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne were there to pick up the slack when he didn't, and were sure to keep up the chatter during his silence or bizarre antics with his ventriloquist puppet that popped in and out throughout the episode.

About the only show that Ozzy Osbourne reacted to strongly the whole evening was Dr. Pimple Popper, and for a guy who used to bite the heads off bats, he's pretty squeamish. Ozzy was uncomfortable during the whole sequence, and even took to social media after the episode just to make it abundantly clear he wants nothing to do with that show going forward.

Hopefully Ozzy Osbourne is around for more episodes of Celebrity Watch Party, but if he isn't, there are other celebrities that gave some solid commentary as well. It was pretty humorous to hear Rob Lowe's sons roast him for being old, and Raven-Symone was throwing shade left and right. They were behind Ozzy, though, who made me legit wish The Osbournes were getting a reboot.

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