Netflix’s Tiger King Just Got A Jared Leto-Led Viewing Party And I Really Need More Of This

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We are all looking for ways to keep ourselves entertained while at home these days, and that includes the many celebrities among us who are also self-isolating and have been confined to their houses. Well, Jared Leto may have found out about the coronavirus way after most of us, but now that he's up to speed, he's trying to help fans stay happy by doing online viewing parties. During Leto's most recent one, he watched the Netflix hit Tiger King, complete with a costume that I'm really going to need to see more.

Here's what's happening. Jared Leto started a little something he's calling the Jared Leto Cinema Club to live tweet his reactions and interact with fans. He began his club last week with a viewing party dedicated to Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but he decided to go for something quite a bit different this week, and turned his attentions to Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem And Madness, which has millions of people who've checked out the Netflix docu-series talking. The show tells the story of Joseph Maldonado-Passage, now better known as Joe Exotic, the roadside big cat breeding zoo he owned and the murder for hire plot that eventually landed him in prison.

Mr. Exotic is a wild dresser throughout the series, and Jared Leto did not disappoint with his choice of outfit for his viewing party. And, because Leto is a lovely human who likes to share, he let us all peep his sartorial choices on Twitter:

See more OK. Jared Leto went for it, amirite? I mean, we really shouldn't expect any less than this from an Oscar winner who got into character for his part as The Joker in Suicide Squad by sending a lot of truly weird shit to his castmates and others involved in the production. See how much of a method actor Leto is? This outfit isn't even to help him get into character. He did this just to sit at home and watch the first episode of a TV show!

With the exception of his hair, Jared Leto did manage to approximate Joe Exotic's usual wild look. He's got the cowboy hat, a stuffed tiger, one of the most...excessive shirts I've ever seen, and possibly has a pool floatie around his waist. I mean, why not, right? During the viewing party, Leto even admitted that some of the intriguing clothing options featured in the series were pretty close to things he usually wears in real life anyway, which explains how he just happened to have all this gear available on short notice:

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I. Have. Lost. My. MIND! Why did no one tell me the Jared Leto Cinema Club was a thing before now? I am 100% down to check this out on a weekly basis, especially if Leto keeps dressing up in costumes inspired by his picks, and he sticks with lighthearted classics like Ferris Bueller and anything that's kinda nutty, like Tiger King. Any good virtual viewing party needs something that's really going to get folks tweeting about what's happening on screen and Netflix hit it out of the park with this docu-series.

Even though Eric Goode, who co-directed Tiger King with Rebecca Chaiklin, said the main goal for them was to raise awareness about how the animals seen at the several roadside zoos featured were treated, once you start filming someone as wild as Joe Exotic (who's trying to get out of prison, by the way) and get a murder plot involved, that's going to pull focus a bit when it comes to your story. But, that's the main reason so many people are tuning in, and likely getting the original message anyway, as this Jared Leto Cinema Club viewer pointed out:

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I have no idea what Jared Leto plans for his next viewing party, but it shouldn't be too hard for him to fit in at least one of these Tiger King episodes a week along with a movie or whatever, right? We're all stuck at home, anyway, and in major need of any and all potential entertainment opportunities as it is. Since it seems like Leto is willing to help us out, I think we should encourage him as much as possible, don't you?

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem And Madness is ready for your viewing pleasure on Netflix right now. For more of what you can watch, check out our midseason premiere guide and Netflix schedule, and be sure to take a look at everything that's been delayed or will be ending early.

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