ABC's Holey Moley: Check Out How Wild All The New Courses Are In Exclusive Video

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Everything is about to get wetter, wilder and more than a little weird over on ABC thanks to the return of the most extreme version of mini-golf on the planet, otherwise known as Holey Moley. The series is returning for Season 2 amidst ABC's big summer game show premieres, and as seen in the exclusive video below, it looks like executive producer Steph Curry and the rest of the producers have really upped the ante for how much effort each week's contestants will need to give.

It truly does look like the Holey Moley team got tasked with building their own amusement park, given how big, bright and chaotic the Season 2 course looks. (This would definitely a "dream backyard" situation.) Check out the behind-the-scenes video below to take in all the non-PGA-regulated wackiness that Holey Moley will challenge players with.

Now if that doesn't look like the best way to lose a bunch of calories, and more than a few brain cells, then I don't know what does. Holey Moley had already put forth some amazingly bonkers holes during its debut season, but nobody could have expected some of these Season 2 concepts. I mean, they literally set someone on fire for the "Dragon's Breath" course. I wouldn't be surprised at this point if the producers found actual dragons to use, though their wings would make it hard for them to compete.

While there are obviously plenty of reasons why the show's design team went above and beyond in coming up with crazy ideas for the courses, Holey Moley's executive producer Paul Franklin perhaps summed it up best by saying the wilder the course, the more engaged and hilarious the reactions get from hosts Rob Riggle andJoe Tessitore, as well as Jeannie Mai. Sure, they would get thrown out of actual golf tournaments for laughing and whooping it up as loudly as they do, but this is Holey Moley! People golf upside-down here!

holey moley upside down putt

Another wild new course takes on a space theme named after the seventh planet in the solar system, with planets and rings and...dirty puns. Every golf game needs puns, right? Paul Franklin seemed to think so.

Uranus is a very, very tricky hole to master.

We see what you did there, and it didn't require a telescope.

Not only does the video above give viewers a new look at the size and scope of the Season 2 course, but it also gives fans a look behind the scenes at how the team tests and tweaks each aspect of the course. It doesn't take much to turn an obstacle from impossible to super-easy and back again, so everybody involved has to work to make sure each hole is just difficult enough so that only the most dedicated contestants will make it through.

Of course, it's not like all the test subjects are showing off their skills in the most impressive ways. I'm pretty sure even I can nail this dive, for instance.

holey moley bad dive gif

And I don't know about you guys, but Steph Curry got me extremely interested in seeing what Holey Moley's final hole will be for Season 2. The video above didn't give viewers a full look at the pyramid-esque set-up, only using miniature models to get fans invested while Curry teased what's to come.

Just know that someone's going to make a quarter-million dollars on the final hole. And it's the most epic golf hole ever conceived, so it'll wrap up the season in a pretty legendary way.

Holey Moley Season 2 will make its grand entrance on ABC on Thursday, May 21, at 10:00 p.m. ET. 

Be sure to have your caddy bring you something nice to drink before watching, and be sure to stay updated with our Summer 2020 premiere schedule to keep up with everything else hitting the small screen soon.

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