Star Trek Fans Are Over The Moon About Discovery Spinoff Coming To CBS All Access

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Star Trek fans got quite the welcome surprise in the middle of May when it was announced that we'd be getting a much hoped for (and very well-deserved) spinoff from Star Trek: Discovery, which would feature the new versions of classic characters Spock, Captain Christopher Pike and Number One as they explored the galaxy on the original Enterprise in the years before James Kirk came aboard. Luckily, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will also see new fan favorites Ethan Peck, Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijn return to their Discovery Season 2 roles, and, as you might imagine, Trekkies are absolutely losing their minds over the news.

So many new Star Trek shows have either come to fruition recently (like Discovery, Picard and Short Treks) or been announced (such as the Section 31 series starring Michelle Yeoh and the adult animated show Lower Decks), that it's almost hard to imagine that Trekkies had a whole 12 year drought with no new Star Trek on TV.

But, what this means is that, now that we know for sure we're going to get a series of adventures with Pike, Spock and Number One, the fandom is over the moon with excitement, and have, of course, taken to Twitter to express those feelings. And, some fans are already in possession of the right tools for such celebration:

Oh, my! First of all, how hungry am I that a pizza made at home by someone I don't even know looks as good as this one does? Second of all, I admire this tweeter's commitment to all things Trek, because that USS Enterprise pizza cutter is not cheap, my friends. Also, he was ready with the theme song for The Original Series, which is totally apropos, seeing as how that was where Pike, Number One and Spock were first seen in the franchise.

Let's not assume, though, that culinary options were the only means of celebration for Trekkies when word came down about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Oh, no. Some of these folks unleashed their own solo dance parties, OK?

Man, dad reactions were all over the Strange New Worlds news, weren't they? This "dad dance" came complete with the actual theme song from TOS, and while I can't say that I understand these moves at all, I do hope that that was a partially finished bottle of Picard wine that was brandished during the performance. You know, for thoroughness.

Meanwhile, there were some on Twitter who are just so very grateful that this announcement was made at this point during what's been a crazy year. And, who can blame them?

Hug him and nod we do! Oh, wait. I may have hugged a little too long and hard. Backing off now...Anyway, hearing about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has certainly given a lot of people something to look forward to in this, well, strange time we're living in right now.

Oooh, nice fan art, right? It actually reminds me of the first look we got at Star Trek: Discovery a few years ago, with First Officer Michael Burnham and Captain Philippa Georgiou dressed to explore a desert planet. I see you, Trekkie, and appreciate your efforts at such a nice callback. Well done.

Speaking of Discovery (which is heading into Season 3), our enlistment in the Strange New Worlds ranks means that we're going to get a lot more of those slamming new uniforms, and you know that some of us are already prepared to watch in full regalia:

Who isn't looking forward to exploring along with Captain Pike, Number One and Spock? No one, that's who! Right now we don't know when Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will hit CBS All Access, but you can stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest. And, for more on what to watch until then, be sure to check out our 2020 Netflix guide and see what's coming up on TV this summer!

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