What The Voice Winner Todd Tilghman Was Originally Disappointed About In Season 18

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After weeks of intense competition (and a collaboration with fellow NBC series, Songland), The Voice finally crowned its Season 18 winner. By the finale's end, it all came down to the top three, which consisted of Toneisha Harris, Todd Tilghman and Thunderstorm Artis. For anyone who missed the announcement in the finale, which endured some uncomfortable technical difficulties in its lead-up, Tilghman was announced as the season’s winner.

Looking back at his journey on The Voice, Todd Tilghman acknowledged that there was something he was initially disappointed about in Season 18, which had to flip to filming remotely while shortening the season and limiting the number of live episodes. At first recalling the concern surrounding whether Season 18 would continue at all, Tilghman revealed his initial feelings regarding the situation, telling ET:

This whole thing has been really remarkable. We didn’t know if they were just going to nix the rest of the season or what was going to happen, you know? When [news of the remote shows] first came down, it was a little disappointing, but I’m going to tell you, over time, you just grow and adapt and life changes. And every now and then, something is going to come your way that you did not see coming.

The Voice obviously had to make some adjustments to keep the episodes going in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and while many series have ended early, the NBC show (and its ABC rival American Idol) moved forward with quarantine episodes, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

You cannot create something remarkable without adversity, right? Okay, you can, but the unusual experience surrounding Season 18 and everything that went into continuing The Voice ended up leading to some challenges that Todd Tilghman ultimately overcame. In the end, the quarantine's influence on producing remote episodes led to Tilghman admitting to himself he had to find a way to evolve along with the situation.

At first, Season 18 started out with the usual pre-taped auditions and early rounds before eventually running out of those, next needing to decide how to proceed. That turn of events led CinemaBlend’s own Mick Joest to ponder if The Voice may need to consider changing how it rolls out its seasons in the future.

As Season 18’s winner, Todd Tilghman pointed out how The Voice choice to move forward required some adjustments from all involved. A career in the music industry will undoubtedly be filled with similar highs and low, and Tilghman and his fellow contestants on Season 18 ended up learning that those conditions also extended to their respective journeys on The Voice.

In the end, a singing competition's strongest competitors will allow nothing to stop them from singing their hearts out, Such as it went with this past season of The Voice, which featured controversial eliminations and a Jonas Brother's introduction, among other things, and the final touch was definitely that final big announcement claiming Todd Tilghman as its winner.

Time will tell if The Voice will be able to return for the regularly filmed season that Todd Tilghman and his fellow contestants were not able to enjoy and take advantage of. Production has begun with guidelines in place in the Czech Republic, and California will soon start allowing film and TV productions to resume outside of Los Angeles. When other locations will follow their lead and how they might go about that will be a story worth everyone's attention.

The Voice will return for another season at an undisclosed date in the future on NBC. While you wait for the singing competition’s next batch of contestants to arrive, check out with this summer’s premieres.

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